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Moving House Blog - Manchester Removals & StorageFrom previous articles we have advised you what to look out for as there are some poor quality removal companies out there, yet worse companies set up to Scam you on the moving day.  We have shown you what to look out for and how to prevent issues arising.

Movingeverywhere are a Professional, Reliable company who specialises in both House Removals and also Customer Care.

We have provided advice on how to find a trustworthy Removal company, this is so important as the removal company are going to handle your furniture which you have spent your hard earned money to buy.  They then have to deliver to your new home and unload in the condition it was received.

Moving home is not cheap.  In our article How to Budget for your moving costs the average costs of moving home was £8,922.00, these cost will keep creeping up, so it’s important to plan well ahead so there are no financial surprises when you need to move.

With more people working from home nowadays, it is not just your house you have to move you have to move your home office too – now it’s not just the logistics of your house move which is important, but the logistics of your work, do it right with minimum disruption to your business.

There is so much great advice out there when it comes to moving home so its important to get as much tips for successful house removals as you can.

It’s time to start getting quotes for your house move, you need to prepare for a telephone call to a house removals company – we have shown the main questions you will be asked, it’s better to be prepared for the call – so the removals coordinator can get all the information about your move to allow them to provide you with the best service available.

Time is ticking, your move day is approaching it’s time to get ready for your house removal, here you will find lots of helpful information about packing for your house move.  Afterall packing well will reduce the risk of damage to your possessions.

We are going to continue running articles about moving house – hope you find them of help.

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  1. The average cost of removals from a three-bedroomed semi-detached property in England and Wales amounts to £379, according to the annual Woolwich house-moving survey. Compared with legal fees averaging £979 on a £150,000 house purchase, and estate agent fees averaging £1,490 on the sale of a £100,000 home, removal firms come quite cheaply.

  2. Moving homes ever so often creates several practical problems as one of the biggest problems is choosing the right kind of furniture and furnishings that can be moved easily and will also fit in anywhere.

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