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If so, then our Removals FAQs should answer them for you.  

You could also call us on 0161 238 8915 and we will happily answer your questions you have.  Afterall, you will only use our service once we have answered your questions.

We are based at Trafford Park, Manchester.  We look after homemovers and business who are moving in Manchester and surrounding areas.  We also are moving our customers to and from Manchester from other areas of the UK.

Our International Removals Service is perfect for our homemovers who are emigrating from Manchester.  We cover most countries around the world.  If you are moving overseas then contact us to see if we can help get you there.

All  house moves are different, based on your removals quote enquiry form we will either issue you with an initial estimate so you can see how much it would cost by using our service.  Or, we will call you to arrange a survey (which usually takes between 15 – 30 minutes).  We promise to provide you with a written quote within 24 hours of either your enquiry or survey.

When moving home you have so much to do, and sometimes not much time to do it.  If packing is rushed then this increases the risk of damage.  If you pack your own boxes, then the contents are not insured during your move. We provide different levels of Packing Services, ranging from a Fragile Pack, all the way through to a Full Packing Service and Unpacking Service.  Discuss your Packing needs with your Move Manager and they will work it into your move plan.

As much notice as possible, especially if you are moving house at the end of the month as usually the busiest time.  In some cases we can work with short notice moves – just let us know as soon as you know you are moving (even if you do not have a confirmed move date)

We have a Goods In Transit Insurance cover in place to protect your items up to £25,000 as standard (copies of the Policy can be requested for further inspection).  However, conditions apply.  To be fully insured then the movers have to pack your household effects.

We can arrange house moves using vehicles ranging from Transit vans for small moves all the way up to a road-train (usually for overseas moves).  So no matter how BIG your move is we can move you.

Depending on what vehicle is required for your move then anywhere from 16ft up to 40ft.  You will be notified of how many parking spaces will be required.  If space is not made available and the vehicle can not park near to your home, then additional charges may apply due to extended loading or unloading time.

By prior arrangement the moving team can dismantle most types of furniture, then rebuild at the other end – this will be charged as a separate service.  Please be aware some modern flat packed furniture is not built to be dismantled and rebuilt, sometimes when the furniture is dismantled it does not rebuild as solidly when first built.  You will be informed if there is any risk to your furniture.

Upon arrival in the new home, you will need to advise the moving team where you would like the furniture placing.  They will gladly place the furniture in your chosen position. Regarding boxes, please mark all boxes with the appropriate rooms.  if furniture has been dismantled then it will be rebuilt and placed where you want it.  The moving team can not fix any furniture to your walls.

The movers are not insured to disconnect washing machines, or dishwashers.  However, if you are struggling to loosen the connectors they can loosen them for you, but you will have to unscrew, then tighten up at the other end.  They can not be responsible for any leaks caused.

AcDepending on the type of move – if your move is local and to be completed the same day then it is not necessary to defrost the freezer (it is best to use cooler bags for your food).  If your move is to be completed over a number of days or is going into storage then you MUST defrost the freezer.  If this is not done, then the movers can not accept any liability for any damage which may occur.

Usually the removal men will try and carry the whole unit, so no need to empty the drawers.  However if the unit is too heavy then the men will remove the drawers, carry the unit onto the vehicle then replace the drawers.  In preparation, you will need to check to see if the drawers will fit out of the house without being dismantled, and also to see if the drawers can be removed.  If so, then you will need to empty the drawers.  Please also ensure that any items left in drawers are not breakable (as sometimes the drawers have to be placed on its end to get around corners).

Gas cylinders cannot be transported on the removal vehicles. Flammable liquids can not be transported either, nor can paint as are an exclusion within the insurance policy.  The removal men will gladly place these in your vehicle for you to take with you.

There is an exclusion within the policy to carry jewellery or valuables.  Prior to packing your boxes please read what can not be moved in our terms and conditions.

Unfortunately, on the day of completion it is not known when the keys will be released.  They can be anytime from 10am until 4.30 late afternoon.  

Like all removal companies we do charge if there are delays.  Once we have loaded, the crew will take lunch then travel to the new house.  It is usual for late key charges to be incurred from 1pm.  However, we have set our access required by 2pm which we feel is more considerate.  However, after this time we will charge depending on how many staff are waiting.  These charges are to cover our costs as once the keys are released then our staff have to unload (often past their regular working hours, which may incur overtime).  When quotes are provided we do not factor delays into the quote.

More information about the charges can be found in our terms and conditions. 

We can arrange storage for all our customers, if you require access to the storage then we use a local self storage company (we will have to be present each time you require access, any items removed will have to be checked off the inventory) there is a £25.00 handling fee each time access is required.

If you do not require access, then we can arrange for containerised storage.  This is a cheaper option for you per week.  As the storage is in a warehouse, you will not have access to your items.  However, we can collect any items for you if necessary.  However the container may need to be emptied – there is a £45.00 handling fee if items are required.

The best method of payment is bank transfer (without fee).  Payment is due 3 days in advance of the move.  However, by arrangement payment can be paid on the day of the move for house sales only – and only if internet access is available.

We accept cheques which are required 5 days in advance of the move. We accept all major credit cards, payment is processed via Paypal (there is a 3% charge for all card types – inc. debit cards).  All card payments are required 5 working days before the move.  We can not accept card payments on the day of the move.

We have multiple methods of contact.

Phone: 0161 2388915

Facebook, email or by completing our contact form.

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