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Moving home is rarely an event that people look forward to, especially if your last house removals experience did not go too well.  You don’t only have to keep account of everything that you move, but you also have to go through the stressful process of choosing the right house for you and your family.  Your house move is only as stressful as you make it!

There are tricks to the house moving process that can help reduce your stress and anxiety during the home moving process.

Property Type and access when choosing your new home, consider what furniture you have to move and if it will fit into your new home or not.  Also check the access to ensure the furniture removals vehicle can get close to the property.  If you are doing a DIY move then you don’t want to be faced with the task of getting large furniture up stairwells which are too narrow for your furniture.  This may result in you having to either have windows removed, or worse having to get rid of your furniture.

New furniture if you are buying new furniture before your house move, then arrange for the furniture to be delivered to your new home.  This will result in less furniture for the removals men to take, which may lower the rate of your house removals quote.  If furniture has to be delivered to your old house, then avoid building, as it may only have to be dismantled to get out your house.  It is not good to keep dismantling and rebuilding furniture.

Help if you are going to move yourself then it is always best to have at least 3 friends at hand to help you out.  If the move is too much for you to do on your own, then a house removals company can provide as many men as need be to move you.  It is typical for 2 men to load upto a 3 bed house without any access issues. . anything larger, or with access issues then more removals men are needed.

Packing is the most time consuming part of your house removal.  It takes 2 house removals professionals around 4 to 5 hours to pack a 2 bed house, around 8 hours for a 3 bed house – they just get on with the job and pack all items without stopping to look at what is being packed.  Most customers during packing will pick up items they have not seen in ages and look at the items, maybe read articles or books, (this adds time on to the packing time) sometimes not allowing enough time for the house packing.   Give yourself as much time as possible to pack which will allow you to sort through your ….

Junk or unused items during packing it is a good idea to decide if the item you are packing is worth taking to your new house or not.  If you are packing unwanted items then this will take you longer to pack and also cost you more as you pay for the total size of your move. 

Cleaning Services sometimes with everything else going on, in the last few weeks of moving house, your standards of cleaning may drop due to lack of time or energy.  Many removal companies will provide you with a End of Tenancy Cleaning Service or House Moving Cleaning Service.  Whilst the men are emptying the rooms, a cleaner is following cleaning each room.  This takes away a big job which I am sure you don’t want to be doing before leaving your home.  The usual rate is around £55.00 – £230.00 depending on house size.

Making the move day fun it does not have to be difficult or stressful.  Have some friends to help, get some drinks in (non-alcoholic during loading), get some snacks in – then all hands on deck. . If you have a removal company to help you move, then providing the men with drinks and snacks will uplift the day for you and the removal team.

A professional Removals company will provide you with a move coordinator who will look after all your house removals needs, and ensure that your move arrangements are in place to ensure that your move goes without hitch.

We provide the following services:

Move coordinator service
Packing Service

Unpacking Service and recycling of packing boxes

Furniture dismantling and rebuilding service

End of tenancy cleaning

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  1. Thanks for providing information regarding successful moving. It help the readers make the plans according to the information present or described here.

  2. Great list – moving house can be so stressful – I should know I have done it 3 times in 5 years. The only thing I would add to your list is storage – when we moved the 3rd time we used a storage company to store our big items until we needed them – helped a lot.

  3. All these tips provided are very helpful for those who are relocating themselves from one place to another and I am glad to know that people like you are providing their services online.

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