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Its Moving Day - Manchester Removals & StorageYou may have been waiting for weeks or even months for the big day, and it is finally here . . . MOVING DAY!

Moving home to many is one of the most stressful days of your life, but why should it be?  Follow some of our helpful Moving Home Tips which will hopefully help you to have a hassle-free and possibly a fun house moving experience.

How to have a stress free house move

  1. Confirm the move with your removals company – when moving house it is usual to book the removal company weeks if not months in advance. It is important to ensure that you get a contract from the removal company to ensure that they turn up on the day.  It is also a good idea to keep in contact with the removal company in the weeks leading up to the move.  A good removals company will call you the week before to ensure that your move is still going ahead and to discuss your progress and preparations for the move.  It is also common for a courtesy call to be placed the day before to put your mind at rest that the removals company are ready for your move the next day.
  2. Prepare a floor plan and label boxes – it House Moving Floor Plan - Manchester Removals & Storageis always a good idea to draw a floor plan of the new house and pass on to the removals men, this will ensure that they know where all items of furniture are to go in the new house. It is also important to label all the boxes to ensure that the men place all the boxes in the relevant rooms in your new home.       Always, mark the box which has the tea, coffee and kettle this will come in handy as you may need a drink when you arrive at your new home.
  3. Prepare for a long day – more often than not house moves go without hitch. Solicitors and agents are organised and keys are handed over promptly.  However, there are occasions when this does not happen and long delays may occur.  Always pack an overnight bag and take it with you.  If keys are not handed in time then you may need to make alternative overnight arrangements.
  4. Have a walk around with the removals men at the start of the move – when the team arrive show the men around your house and let them know what is going and what is staying. Advise them if there are any items of furniture which need to be loaded last, so they are the first things off (this is usually, the box with the kettle, the TV and children’s furniture) this will assist them in the order of loading the vehicle.
  5. Removal Men Like Tea and Coffee - Manchester Removals & StorageArrange refreshments – What is always nice and sets the day up well for the men is a nice cup of tea or coffee. After all, the men are going to be looking after you and your furniture for the day.
  6. Once loaded, be the last person to leave the house – it is your responsibility to check that the removal men have taken all the items from the house. If the lorry has left and you have not checked then you may incur additional expense if they have to return to collect items which have been missed.   The team leader should always ask you to check prior to leaving, and sign the job sheet to confirm that they have emptied your home.
  7. Check your utilities – remember to get the meter readings for gas/electricity and water at both properties to ensure that you can close your old account and open your new account with the correct readings.
  8. Charge Phone when Moving House - Manchester Removals & StorageEnsure your mobile is charged and get the phone number of the team leader – once you have left the house, the only way to get in contact with the removals men, your solicitor or agents is by phone, so ensure your phone is charged or have an in-car charger. Get the number of the team leader so once you know that the sale has completed or you have the keys for the rented property then you can contact them to arrange the unloading time.  Our vehicles all have trackers so we can see at any time where the vehicle is, this helps our customer so they know how long it will be before the vehicle arrives.
  9. Upon arrival inspect your home – once you have access to your new home it is important to check the property for any damage which may have been caused by the people moving out. The removal team will do this to ensure any previous damage is noted so liability does not pass onto them.  If there is any damage then contact your solicitors or agents – taking photos with your camera or phone ensuring that date and time stamping is switched on.  A good removal company will use blankets and floor covering to protect your home – we use carpet protector, corex boarding and cardboard sheets to protect floors, doors and bannisters.
  10. Check Furniture when Moving - Manchester Removals & StorageDuring unloading – once the removal men are unloading into your new home, you will need to direct them as to where you want the furniture and boxes to go. It is very important that you inspect all furniture once it has been placed in the relevant room and notify the team leader of any damage, any damage will then be noted on the ‘job sheet’.  The importance of this is that once the men have left you will not be able to make a claim, as they will be unable to verify that damage was caused during the move at the hands of the removal men.

I know the above simplifies the process for you.  As long as you have chosen a good removals company with a proven track record of house moves then you will not have to worry as the move coordinator and the removals team will look after all aspects of your move.

ARest After Moving House - Manchester Removals & Storagell that is left to do at the end of the move is Put your feet up, and enjoy your first night in your new home with a takeaway and a glass of your favourite drink.  You see, moving house does not need to be stressful.

By using the services of Movingeverywhere we will help to reduce your stress by providing a managed house moving service.  We will take care of your furniture by using furniture covers and blankets to keep it clean, we will also protect your flooring and carpets during your move.  We can even fully pack and unpack the contents of your home.  Our staff are trained, and most importantly are friendly and very helpful.

So by using our service simply put your feet up and let us take care of your house move.


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