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7am on a Sunday morning, had 2 vehicles arrive to a customers house in Manchester for a move to Bristol. Not a gritter or snow plough in site? Have seen more police cars and ambulances this morning already. . . Poor planning puts a strain on resources.

Why can the councils not get it right? OK it was raining last night, so could not grit, but could they not have got on the roads as soon as the snow started to fall. All the snow has done is covered the icy roads hiding the hidden danger? How many accidents will occur, which surely must have been preventable.
Due to this we now have a fully loaded lorry in Manchester, we tried the M6 but down to 1 lane!! Yes 1 lane! So pulled over and can not complete the move. It is a good job that we have understanding customers, and we pre-planned the house removal
Will complete the house removal in the morning, good job tomorrow was the completion date and today we just wanted to be prepared – just in case. Forward planning when conducting house removals is always the most important thing.
So thanks to the council – we are stacked up and now a day behind. We are only one business, how much more businesses are going to be affected over the next few days. . We live in a country which snows each year, but still they do not get it right. . .
How can the Ski resorts do it so well, and UK stops??? Should send some councillors overseas to learn how to do things properly.

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