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Removals Fleet, Surrey - Removals Brighton - Manchester Removals & StorageSunday morning

Collected 2 IT workers items from Manchester.  One was from our Storage unit where we had stored the items for a week following his collection from Edinburgh last Monday.  The second was from a flat removal in Manchester.  Both going in the same direction.  Arrived in Fleet at around 2pm, to unload.  Then Brighton at 4.30pm.

Have to say never been to Brighton, looks like a very nice sea resort, the sea is clean (only sea we get to see up her is Blackpool – not the nicest looking sea) – by the time left was dark and the promenade looked good fun all lit up. . . warrants a weekend visit.

Left around 6 for the long drive back – finally got home – well late, a long long day – but most important both customers got the items delivered and both happy – a good days work.

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