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Hire a Removals Company or Do it Yourself

I know I run a removal company, so I will try and be as unbiased as possible. Firstly, not everyone needs to hire a professional house removals company.

Making the decision between DIY moves and hiring a Professional House Removals Company, is not an easy decision to make.

Most people chose DIY moves for local moves within the UK, generally DIY moves are not suitable for long distance or overseas removals.

To help with your decision, you first need to be clear about your priorities. Most people immediately decide based on money and time.

With many DIY moves this may be false economy.

Let me explain, you have to hire a vehicle and pay an deposit, you may not have the right size vehicle which will take longer to move, resulting in additional hire costs. Driving and manouvering a van or lorry is not easy, if you have an accident you are liable for the excess, and you will lose your deposit, which most companies charge £250.00. If you are doing a long distance move, you will have to either return the vehicle to the pick up destination, then drive back to your new home which doubles your journey and fuel bill, or pay for a one way hire – which depends on distance.

It takes the professionals a day to move an average size house, to the inexperienced this can take a couple of days, most house contents policies will only cover your items if moved by a professional house removals company, this reduces the insurance companies risk by putting in this provision. If you bump walls, or smash furniture then your insurance may not pay out and you will have to pay to replace your own items. Alternatively, if you claim of your own insurance your premiums will go up, and you will have to pay an excess.

What happens if you happen to lift your sofa and fall and injure yourself. Then you are off work and you may lose income.

Why shouldn’t you use a House Removals company?

If you are fit and strong, if you have experience of driving vans or lorries, if you have friends to help, if you are patient and don’t easily get stressed, if you have the time to do it yourself, if you don’t have alot of items to move, if you don’t mind the risk of damaging your furniture – then probably best to Do it Yourself. It will save you money – however, it may cost you money too.

Why should you use a House Removal company?

Most people do not have the time or the inclination to move a house. I run a house removal company and after my last house move which I did myself with a few friends, I would not do it again. “When you are paid to move a house by a customer it is totally different from doing it yourself”. Me and my partner have never argued so much in one day.

A house removal company will provide you with a professional service, resulting in less stress and worry on your part.

Of course, there are some rogue removal companies out there. How do you chose a good company, how do you know the company advertised in papers and on the internet aren’t just good advertisers and poor movers.

There are some Man & Van companies, who will tell you they can do a move, visit your home, turn up in their own car – then on the day the vehicle that turns up is in poor condition, dirty van which is not suitable for your move. They just want your money and will deal with your complaint on the day. many small companies do not have adquate insurance either.

By taking on the services of a company like ours we will remove the risk of you chosing the wrong company. We check all companies we use and would never put a removal company onto a customers move unless we are 100% confident they will turn-up and conduct the move to a high standard. we have some great testimonials which you can see at our House Removals Testimonials Page

The cost of a move does not have to break your bank, as long as you prepare for it. Most people know 3 or 4 months in advance of your move that you are moving, so why not start to save for your move which will ease the burden of paying for the move all in one go.

There is no pricing structure in the house removals industry. It seems every company charges what they think is right. Hence, when you get quotes you will have one company charge you a cheap price and another company be very expensive. Both companies will achieve your goal of moving your items.

We are not the cheapest and certainly not the most expensive, but we are reliable, trustworthy, good at what we do, and friendly aswell. As a removal broker, we work with many professional house removal companies who provide us with good rates which we can pass on the savings to our customers.

The risk of chosing your move based on cost

Go with the cheapest run the risk of them not being very good, or not turning up, not having the right insurance or worse taking your items.

Go with the most expensive and possibly waste your money, as you are not only paying for the team of movers, but a percentage of the office staff and the fleet of vehicles they operate.

Go for a company in the middle, may be pushing your budget but who have a proven track record of moving customers homes. Testimonials which can be verified should be at the top of your priority list.

Anyway, to summarise chosing between a DIY house move or hiring a professional removal company is down to your choice. Just please make sure that you think about your choice and don’t just base it on cost.

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