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Moving Checklist - Manchester Removals & StorageMovingEverywhere have conducted many house moves over the past 7 years and in that time we have compiled some useful Moving Tips and Advice which we feel would benefit you before and during your House Removals.  

MovingEverywhere is a local Manchester Removals Company which also conducts National Removals as well as International House Removals to most countries.

Some of our removals tips…

  1. Be Prepared on the day of your move all the packing should be done, this will allow the removals men to simply arrive, load the vehicle then leave.  If you are not packed then this may cause issues as when loading the lorry it is preferred to load all the boxes onto the vehicle first.  If you are still packing then this may hinder the men in the loading process.
  2. If you’re going to pack items yourself then make sure you have enough packing materials such as removals boxes, tape, soft packing materials, packing tissue etc , MovingEverywhere can provide you any removals packing materials for a lot less than the mainstream box companies – get in touch with us if you need any packing materials.  We can even loan boxes for our customers moving house within Manchester.
  3. Read the insurance Terms & Conditions before deciding to pack yourself, be aware of the conditions and restrictions of insurance – speak to your move coordinator who will explain what you are covered for.
  4. Don’t overpack your boxes – Although our removals staff are experiencing, they are not superhuman and what would help them when moving your boxes is that they are not packed too heavy full of books, CDs, DVDs etc, Wrapping up your TV and protecting your valuables. If you are packing your house yourself then you can check our short video about our removals and packing service to get tips about what to do with your TV to protect it.
  5. Make Sure all your boxes are sealed this is to ensure that they will stack in the vehicle.  If they are un-stackable then this will take up more space in the vehicle.  The movers may need to re-pack your boxes (at a small fee)
  6. Make sure you label everything with the correct room and contents. This will help our removals staff place the boxes in the correct location at your destination.
  7. Inventory it is always a good idea to count the number of packed boxes, and to list all furniture which is to be moved, then during unloading check all the items as they are entering your new home.
  8. Parking it is your responsibility to ensure that adequate parking is available outside your house, if the vehicle can not park close then this may cause delays in the loading and unloading of the vehicle.  Additional porters may be required which will cost you more.
  9. Kettle, biscuits and banter it is always nice to look after the removals men who are looking after your belongings, this will help give you a much better house moving experience.  Have a chat with the men, a bit of banter relieves the stress on the day.
  10. Before the men leave walk around the house, check all your furniture and boxes.  If there have been any incidents then advise the foreman before leaving (this is a requirement of the insurance policy)

There is not any aspect of your house move which we can not help provide help and advice for you.  Our aim is to make your move go smoothly with minimum stress and hassle to you.

MovingEverywhere would like to thank you for taking the time to read this article about our removals service and what we have to offer.

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  1. Moving can be really stressful and its not that easy so acquiring the services from professional movers greatly helps the moving process.

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