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Movingeverywhere had a consignment of boxes and furniture to move last week in Manchester.

I want to share the experience I had with the company we contracted to conduct the move.

We were recommended a company to use in Manchester who advertise as being a Courier / Removals company. On their website they had an image of a Luton vehicle, ok it was a stock purchased photo from the internet but still it gave the impression of them being a proper removal company.
We are always looking to develop our removal company network. Our procedures are to ensure that the removal companies we use will conduct the house moves to the standards which our customers expect from us.
We will check the type of vehicle they operate, do they use blankets, straps, and protective covers? Do they have Goods in Transit insurance? Public Liability and are references available?
The company I spoke to confirmed all of the above to my satisfaction on the phone. As they were local I arranged to conduct the move with them, so I can meet them and quality check the vehicle and the standard of the service they were offering. This is to protect our customers.
I arrived to meet them on the day outside the property, they were on time. My first impression was the vehicle was OK it had added security locks which was impressive. He was wearing a casual pair of trousers, and some kickers? Not exactly professional removal companies clothing.
When he opened the back of the vehicle the van was empty – no blankets, no straps or anything to protect the customers items. When asked why no blankets he said that he did not use them for moving house furniture. We then drove back to my office to collect our blankets, straps and furniture covers.
I then asked to see the insurance documents which I read. The company did have Goods in Transit Insurance cover up to £10,000. However, when reading more this was for courier work only. There were no allowances for furniture removing. (My next blog will be about this issue)
As a removal company Movingeverywhere has a £20,000 Goods in Transit liability policy for Furniture Removers.As I was present this move continued under my supervision and on our insurance policy.
During the move it showed that they did not have the flair for moving furniture. When faced with an oversized sofa the first thing they said was this is too big and will not fit out the door – which I deem as very negative thing to say in front of a customer and does not install confidence, the customer relies on the expertese of the company.
Me being positive politely said “shut up” “as can not say you can not do something without trying”
The sofa did fit, and was placed in the new home to the customers satisfaction, it was difficult but it was done. During the move I was watching them and also listening to the negative comments and watching the customer’s expressions which he was getting a bit annoyed, so in the end the customer just ignored him and communicated direct with me.
I am not going to mention the companies name, I will not be using them again.
The purpose of this blog is to make people aware of courier companys advertising as a removal company and not having the skill, the right equipment and tools or the right insurances to conduct a move.
There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands of courier companies in the UK who will collect furniture and they may not hold the right insurance.
They advertise cheaply, enticing customers who go for them. When in fact furniture should only be moved by professional furniture removers. Furniture costs hundreds if not thousands of pounds – left in possession with someone charging £15.00 per hour to collect and deliver?
Had I not checked up on them, then the move would have happened with no blankets, an unskilled team and also no insurance, so no doubt damage would have occured – what would have happened then.
Customers are using these companies as they are cheap!! I will leave you with a thought . . .
“More Often Than Not The Cheapest House Removals Service, May Not Be The Cheapest In The Long Term If Damage Has Been Caused”
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