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Apart from the House Removals loading and unloading of the vehicle, the most important aspect of your move are the Moving House  Preparations.

The main cause of incidents during a house move is due to poorly prepared moves.  When moving home, it is important to make plenty of time to allow for the Packing of your household effects.

A professional team of packers can pack a 2 bed house in around 4 hoursa 3 bed house in a day.  They are highly skilled and have lots of experience in packing a range of household effects in a careful and swift manner.

Most people move once every few years, so do not have the experience to pack their own home efficiently and wrap their items properly to ensure no damage will be caused whilst in the boxes.

The Correct Packing Materials ?

The first thing to consider when packing are the Packing Boxes which are to be used.  On the internet there are different quality of boxes available, many are unsuitable for house packing purposes.  Sometimes buying cheap boxes don’t end up being the cheapest option.

Badly Loaded Container - Manchester Removals & Storage

(have a look at this picture – we were asked to unload a container which a customer packed themselves – they had used random boxes – which were not strong enough for purpose, as you can see the boxes collapsed, causing damage to the contents).  This customer could have spent a bit more money on proper removal boxes, however saved money with the purchase of his boxes, but has cost him more in the long run as had to pay for repair of damage and re-packing of the damaged boxes.

 Single Walled Boxes – are the cheapest option, however are only suitable for lighter items, if they get packed with books, then the likelihood is that the bottom will fall out or will be crushed during stacking in the vehicle, causing the boxes to topple over in the vehicle.

Packing Boxes and Packing Materials - Manchester Removals & Storage

Have a look at the difference – the picture is of boxes which we have supplied which are industry standard boxes, which are double walled, strong and fit for purpose.

Double Walled Boxes – which are ideal for moving home, good strong packing boxes will cost from £1.50 for smaller boxes upto £2.75 for larger boxes.

Size of boxes – when packing boxes it is important to consider the contents and what the weight of the box will be.  Large boxes are for packing clothes, bedding, toys and lighter items.  Small Boxes are for books, kitchen items and heavier items.  If an large box is overloaded then it may be difficult to handle which may cause the box to be dropped.  It is better to have more smaller boxes than less overweight heavy boxes – especially if have to take down stairs.

Crisp Boxes and other similar non removals boxes

The amount of moves we do where customers have used crisp boxes or other similar boxes.  A box of crisps is designed to carry bags of crisps weighing 25g per bag so the combined weight maybe 5kg.  They aren’t designed to hold 20 – 30kg of household effects – they are simply not strong enough.

Plastic Crates these are ideal, please ensure that the lids will fit on securely and the contents have been padded out so items are not moving around inside.

 Preparation for your move

Give yourself plenty of time to pack, maybe spend a hour or so a day for a couple of weeks leading up to your move to pack.  If it is left until the last minute then there may be a propensity to rush the packing, and not packing properly.

Purchase good quality boxes fit for purpose – we can point you in the right direction – we will be selling boxes soon.

Use the right materials get plenty of bubble wrap, packing paper, tape to ensure you do not run out.

 If on the day of your move, the incorrect boxes have been used and they are unable to stack, then the removal team may have to re-pack boxes (which will incur a charge).  

They can not load a vehicle with boxes which may collapse during transit.  If the boxes collapse and shift in the back of the vehicle then this may cause the vehicle to become unstable.  

If the boxes used are not good quality boxes, then the risk of damage to your goods increases significantly.  Insurance will not pay out if the contents of owner packed boxes have been improperly packed.


If you do not have the correct tools, or have items which you want to ensure will be packed properly – then enquire about our Full House Packing Service We can provide a packing quote to fit in with your budget.


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