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How to Pack Small Pictures

If you have small pictures to wrap, then here is the best way of doing it (well it works for us, and not had any picture breakages)

Packing a Picture - Manchester Removals & Storage

Place a layer of bubble wrap on a flat surface.  place the picture (image up) in the centre of the bubble wrap.

Fold the bubble wrap over the front of the picture.

Fold the bottom and top over the front of the picture to increase the thickness of the bubble wrap for more protection.

Picture Wrapping - Manchester Removals & Storage

Roll the picture in the bubble wrap to ensure that the picture is fully covered and protected in bubble wrap. 

No need to tape the picture as being placed inside a sealed box.  

On the bottom of the box roll up some packing paper and make a layer on the base to pad the bottom of the box.

Picture Protection - Manchester Removals & Storage

Place the picture so the glass is facing inwards (not pressing 

Fill the box with other small pictures, fragile items – then when full take some more packing paper and pad the top of the box, then close, tape the box and write “FRAGILE PICTURES”

Easy. . . will be wrapping some expensive oil paintings on a move next week so will take some photos on how we look after larger pictures. . . . 

One thing you MUST consider when packing your pictures is that once they have been packed by yourself into a box then the conditions of many Removal Companies Insurance is that they can only be insured for upto £40.00 per box.  If you would like to insure your pictures for in excess of this amount then the home movers will need to provide their Fragile Packing Service

How to Pack Pictures when Moving Home - Manchester Removals & Storage

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