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What House Packing Materials to Use

In preparation for your house move you have to consider the packing materials which you will need.  There are a number of sources of getting your boxes

All the above boxes may be suitable, however.  Consider what the boxes have been used for and are they the fit for purpose.  For example, is a crisp box from a supermarket suitable to hold books. . the simple answer is “No”.

If the wrong boxes are used then they will not be strong enough and the contents will be at risk of damage.  When the wrong types of boxes are stacked the weight will compress the boxes below causing the boxes to crush or worse topple over whilst in the vehicle.

When using re-used boxes some of the boxes may be damaged, damp or old – this will result in the boxes being difficult to handle (worse having the bottom drop out).

The Right Packing Materials to Use

The best solution for your boxes is to have the Removals Company supply them.  They will provide boxes that they recommend which will be strong, fit for purpose and will stack properly.

When we provide the House Packing Service we will provide all the packing materials for the move

We provide good quality packing boxes

We can provide either new packing boxes or recycled boxes – we check boxes prior to recycling to ensure they are all clean and still in good condition.

We can provide the boxes to our customers moving house in Manchester on either a purchase or loan basis.

If we loan the boxes then once unpacked we can either collect the boxes and give a 20% credit or if you drop them off at our office then we will give a 33% credit.

We also provide Packing Materials

Bubble wrap – to protect your valued and fragile possessions

Mattress Covers – to protect your mattress and keep it clean during moving.

Packing Paper – ideal to wrap all your glasses and kitchen items.

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