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Movingeverywhere is about to have a new website launched v.2011

Instead of losing the current design in the depths of Google’s archives never to be seen again, I have saved the image of the current website v. 2010.

This will be the 3rd website in as many years (still trying to locate the images of the original website design.

All designs have been successful, and have fulfilled their purpose.

However, the website is the shop window to your business. If it looks dated then customers may just bounce off without looking further, keep it modern will encourage more clicks from our visitors.

Being in the house removal industry some of our competitors have not updated their sites in years, now with Googles new “Instant Preview” searches don’t even have to click your link to get a preview of your site. Meaning it is more important to have an enticing home page. never has the expression “first impressions count” be more important.

With media changing and competition out there intensifying, the purpose of this website was to be clear, easily navigatable, give information about our service, provide a simpler quote page for ease of customer use, and have a platform to use Blogging so we can keep customers up to date and content fresh, and connect to other social media platforms.

Once the site is launched, then any comments are always appreciated.

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