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3 Years ago today. Movingeverywhere was set up.

The business was set up originally in Birmingham, which was a good central point in the UK with good access for both the North and South of the UK.

After a year, I decided to Move up to Manchester, where I reside and work.

In the early days, we were conducting the majority of the moves, up and down the country – moving customers from all parts of the UK. This was the most important time of the business. Prior to this business, I had little experience of the house removals industry. (Previously a Bank Manager). The split was moving about 60% of the moves, and brokering the remaining 40%.

In the last few years I have been fortunate to work with some excellent removal companies, from the small removal company to the international removal companies, my split has now changed to 20% of moves done by us, and the other 80% other companies. Working together to provide an excellent service to our customers.

We work with some of the largest Removal Companies in the UK, to allow us to fully cater for all types of house moves.

This has freed up my time, to allow me to focus on looking after the customer. Since setting up the business, a feedback form is issued to all customer and to date we have had many great house removal reviews and yes some dissatisfied customers, only 2% of our customers over 3 years have been in contact to express dissatisfaction with the service received. All have been resolved, with no insurance claims being raised.

Last year, I started working with a small courier company who wanted to get into House Removals, I work alongside them training them to do moves, ensuring they have the correct materials, great attitude when with my customers, and that the do the job properly – YTD they have done over 70 moves with only 3 minor complaints from customers (all resolved) which in their first year is very good. Over the next year I will continue to work closely with this company.

Whilst doing the moves, I learn’t what customer’s wanted when moving and what was required to move a customer’s home. In the early days a few mistakes were made (like using too small a vehicle, not taking into account traffic conditions – working all the hours to get the move done – even finishing sometimes in the early hours), placing demands on the mover’s which was unnecessary to get the job done.

With time, comes experience, and Quality improves.

I still have physical hands on involvement with the majority of moves, visiting the customer’s home, conducting home visits, preparing the house for the moves. Assisting the customer’s in whatever they need for their house move. I then let the movers load, deliver and unload – and being on call if any issues should arise.
All my customer’s are given my mobile number, I am available from 9am – 8pm, Monday to Sunday.

On the day of the move, I want the mover’s to be communicative with the customer, even have some banter – “after all, moving for a customer is stressful, if the movers are having fun then this eases the customers stress – and that is extremely important when moving a customer” When movers act like robot’s the customer can feel intimidated.

My attitude within my business, is that I have to look after my customers to ensure that the move is done efficiently, professionally and that they are happy with the move, and will return the next time they move.

I am in the process of setting up a great referral scheme, offering track days and pampering sessions to customers who refer family and friends to Movingeverywhere

Over the coming year, I am going to increase my focus on Storage (particularly in the North West), developing more Overseas Moves, offering Packing Materials for both Purchase and Loan.

The Website is soon to be re-built and relaunched with more information and ease of use.

3 years gone, still learning, but providing a Quality Service and getting Great Feedback from Customers.

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