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Many office moves nowadays tend to be undertaken by the office staff themselves, either on a Friday or, in particularly sorry cases, over the weekend, with the promise of free beer and pizza dangling at the end of the job. We think that’s a bad move, even if it is just up the road.

For starters, and most importantly in the long run, making people do things they don’t want to do is bad for morale in the office. People will moan, they will whine, and they probably won’t work quite as hard as they usually would in the week running up to the move. Unless you have a team of people who are raring to go when it comes to moving furniture around, office moves can be difficult.

If your team are perfectly willing to lug the contents of your office from one space to another, there are still one or two things to consider. For example, what happens if something gets damaged? What if Eric in Accounting misjudges the weight of the computer he is carrying and drops it, leaving it shattered on the pavement or worse hurts himself or someone else, resulting him having to take time of work with a back injury? At Movingeverywhere, we are covered by house removals insurance terms as standard.
It’s not just the man – or woman – power that needs considering, but the materials and packaging needed to move offices. Protecting the floors, walls, door frames: we’ve got all of this covered!  We can supply commercial crates, covers for monitors, packing boxes, trolley’s and other lifting gear for heavy items.

Trust us, a Manchester removals company of 8 years, with your office moves and we can get the job done with almost no disruption to your business operations. Your Move Manager will come on-site to your office before the move to make sure everything can be delivered seamlessly. In addition, we can discuss which hours are most convenient for your move. Our movers are experts in safely getting everything from armchairs to desktops safely from ‘A’ to ‘B’, and we can supply all the packing materials you’ll need to ensure the total safety of your office equipment.

So, if you want a job well done, get in touch with us today to arrange your office move. Call us on 0161 238 8915 or email

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