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Moving House with a cat?

Moving house to some is a stressful event.  However, people have different coping mechanisms to protecting themselves at stressful times.  However, your families pet cat does not.

Off all types of household pets we have, cats are often affected most by big changes like a house move.  To relieve some of this stress, a little preparation and consideration can make things easier for your cats to keep them calm during the move.

It is not just the day of the move which may cause the cat stress.  When moving items around the house and bringing in lots of boxes and house packing materials can be unsettling.

Cats are territorial and the odours in the house are important to the cat.  Moving things around will change the smell of the place which can mildly disorientate your pet.

In the build up to the move you can use special plug-ins which you can buy from your local  pet store or vets which omits a scent which mimics the natural occurring pheromones a new mother would produce to keep your cat calm and relaxed.  The same one should be used in your current house, then transferred to your new house to provide familiarity to your cat whilst moving him/her.

The scent on the cats bedding, toys, feeding area where your cat spends it’s time will also be comforting, so make sure that when you arrive at the new house many of these items are placed in the holding area for the cat – whilst the contents of your old house are being unloaded.

Whilst your cat is travelling, use a cat carrier and place an item of bedding in the carrier.  It’s best to leave the cat  carrier in the room for a while and let the cat get familiar to it, instead of trying to force your cat to get in the carrier.  This will put the cat at ease during the journey.

If the house you are buying had a pet previously living there, then it may be necessary to give the new house a full clean to remove the other pets territorial smells.

When arriving at the new home, find a quiet room where you can put your cat’s favourite toys, some food and litter tray.  Put a note on the door “Do Not Enter”, then leave the cat whilst the house removals men are there. When the men have left, open the door and let the cat explore his / hers new home in their own time.

It is always a good idea to keep outdoor cat’s inside for a few days until they are familiar to the surroundings.

By considering your cat during your house move, will help reduce the stress for your cat and also the worry you may have in Moving your cat whilst moving home.

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