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Working from home is a great benefit to most home-workers. However, when it is time for your house and home office removals it can prove to be very difficult. One thing is that you will be spending less time on your work and more time packing your home office. Even when you have moved, you will be more than likely tired, taking a few days to get your home and home office arranged to allow you to resume work.

Moving Your Home Office

Moving when You Work from Home - Manchester Removals & StorageIn order to make the move work, without losing too much time and money – it is important to come up with a good plan for moving.

Working for yourself is unlike working for an employee. Sometimes it will be hard to find the time to take time out to make all your moving arrangements. For every hour your business is not operating then this may be costing you in lost revenue.

Using the services of a Professional Removal Company instead of doing the move yourself will assist in the planning of your move. Depending on the size of your office at home, the moving team could arrive the evening before your move to assist in the disconnection of all office equipment, and the packing of the boxes. If the vehicle is loaded that evening then in the morning the vehicle could be unloaded at your new residence – allowing for the unpacking of the home office boxes and setting up of the home office equipment.
Alternatively, scheduling your home move at the weekend would limit the down time of your business.

If your business is dependent on the internet then it may take a few weeks for the new internet connection to be activated – resulting in you being without the internet for a vital period of time. To get around this, you could either have a new business line installed (running independent from your home land-line), which is the best option for home offices – or have an internet dongle and pay for usage on a Pay-as-you-go basis until the internet is up and running. Sometimes it can take up to 2 weeks for connection.

If you require clients visit you at home, and you are renting your new property then it is vital to advise your landlord and ensure your new property is insured appropriately.
If your move is going to be over a few days, then it would be a good to employ a virtual receptionist, having all calls diverted – they will take messages and contact you via email with your customer’s requests.

When packing your home, ensure the last items to be packed are the broadband unit and your PC so you can reduce the time that you will be off-line. Having a smart phone will be perfect to allow for internet usage in between the moving from your old home, to moving to your new home phase.

Before disconnecting your PC, insure that you have taken a full back up before shutting down. As this is a business PC – I would recommend carrying it with you in your own vehicle – especially if you have all your clients’ details on the PC.

The most vital thing to do when moving a home office is to ensure that you give the Removal Company plenty of notice, and to discuss the 2 separate aspects to your move. By planning your move, this will reduce the stress, reduce the downtime and reduce any lost business which may result from a home office removal.

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  1. Plan your move into your work schedule and accept that there will be some disruption.

    You can then plan in advance for this and put into place contingency plans to minimise interruptions to your business.

  2. The only way you could get minimum distruption is by planning in advance. that way you could get minimum distruption. You could get help from your friends and professionals to reduce the stress involved in the whole proces.

  3. I think that when you are preparing for packing you need to Mark each box with a number and its destination room (kitchen/study) and then make notes of what goes in which boxes so it’s easy to find often-used items like your hair dryer or bedding on the other side. I’m happy to see an article like this with such good information. When people are better prepared for their moving day.

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