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Over the next few weeks I will be updating this blog with information which will help customers who are planing to move “get organised”.

This will not only help you reduce stress by getting organised, but it will help the movers on the day to provide you with a more efficient move.

On experience the main issues occur on the move day due to customer’s not being fully prepared for the move.

Our house removal companies have conducted hundreds of house moves. The principles of a move are always the same.

“The house removals team arrives, they load the vehicle – securing and protecting your items, they travel to your new home, they unload your contents, then they leave you to organise your new home”.

Its customers preperation which often causes delays and issues on the day.

For example

can help get you organised, it wilngl give you a plan to systematically get prepared for your move – which will mean things are not left until last minute and will help you reduce your stress, and make your house movi day a more pleasurable house move.

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