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House Moving Day - Manchester Removals & Storage

You should have everything packed into sturdy boxes, all marked up and ready to be loaded onto the vehicle by now.  Furniture should be dismantled and all screws and pins kept securely (either attached to the furniture or in a box marked **furniture bits**).

Alternatively, you may have chosen the Full Packing Service where the movers will look after all aspects of the preparation of the move which usually includes dismantling (if agreed in advance).  You simply have to let the men in, show them around then leave them to it (no stress for you).

If on the day of your move you have not fully packed and are not ready, then the movers will have to assist in the packing and dismantling (which will more than likely incur additional costs).  If you are not ready and they have to wait around for you to pack (then they may charge a waiting rate – which is usually around £55.00+VAT per hour).

Moving with Pets

Moving with Pets - Manchester Removals & StorageIf you have pets – you need to make arrangements for the pets not to be at the house (some customers will lock the cat/dog in a bathroom – if you do this then a notice needs to be put on the door **DO NOT ENTER**, else the movers may go in the room and the pet escapes.  It can be stressful for an animal when there is so much going on – some pets may get playful and get in the way which may become a safety hazard – especially when carrying furniture.  So it’s best to either book your pet into the kennels/cattery or see if a neighbour/family member will look after them whilst you move.  Afterall it’s in your pets interest to be in as least stressful environment as possible.

Vehicle Access

Block a space outside the front of your home which will allow for the lorry to park in the planned parking space.  If you have not reserved a space, then the lorry will have to park further away which will delay your move (another man may be required) if the vehicle can not park close then additional charges may apply due to the extra time it will take.

A moving lorry can take up a lot of space on the road, more often than not blocking your neighbours driveway or access on the street.  It is always courteous to let your neighbours know the day before that you are moving so they can make arrangements to park their cars where they can get in and out without obstruction.

Trip Hazards

Before the movers arrive it is your responsibility to ensure that there are no hazards which may cause the removal men to trip.  Ie, loose stair carpet, lose door steps, wire’s lying around.  If a removal man trips and injures himself, then he will be unable to complete the move – there may also be reprise as injury has occurred in your home.  So have a quick look around and tack down any loose carpet, secure any hazards and move any wires.

When the movers arrive

Meet and greet the movers, our removal men will introduce themselves to you by name.  Show the men around the house and let them know if there are any items requiring special attention (dismantling/extra wrap/issues getting out the house).

If doors need to be removed, then this needs to be done before the movers arrive.  Make space at the front of the house.

Tea & Biscuits (have the kettle handy)

Look After the Removals Men - Manchester Removals & StorageMoving house is hard work for the removals men.  It is always nice to show your appreciation for their work by providing tea, coffee and biscuits (this is optional).  Some of the best moves I have been on are when the customer has been attentive and looked after the removal men – it makes the move more fun for both the customer and you will see such an uplift in the men – such a simple thing can make such a BIG difference. .

One tip – don’t make the men too many drinks – “just gives an excuse to take a break”

Representative on the day

Always have someone at the house to act on your behalf and answer any questions which the removal men may have.

Issues on the day

Sometimes moves do not go as planned, the vehicle may be late due to traffic – the move may not be as described, some materials may not be available – sometimes even there is a clash between the customer and the removal men.  If there are any issues then it is important to contact your move coordinator immediately for them to resolve any issues (it is their responsibility to ensure your move goes smoothly).

Mobile phone

Swap phone numbers with the movers, so you can keep them updated on the key release time.  As you will be driving ahead of the lorry – it is always good to call then movers if you come into traffic jams so they may be able to avoid the jams.   It also allows the movers to contact you if any delays en-route.

Arrival at your new home

Try and block out some space for the lorry, it is always a good idea to knock on your neighbours doors to advise them a lorry is due to arrive which may result in access being blocked.

On the day of your move stress levels can increase due to issues of completion, waiting for money to be transferred and solicitors to finalise the completion – no matter how stressed you may get, the removal men are there to do a job to help you move by not causing you stress about the manual handling of your furniture and effects.  They are doing their best to help you out on your move day.

By both yourself and the movers working together will take away your concerns about the household furniture removals process.

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  1. Great blog post, very informative – thanks for sharing! You also need to consider moving with young children, it can be easier to get a babysitter for the day rather than having to worry about looking after young children – it can also be safer too.

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