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Large House Removals - Manchester Removals & Storage5 bed house move including full pack service and storage

The house move included the supply of packing materials, full house packing service, dismantling of furniture and storage of surplus furniture.

We provided 2 vehicles and completed the move over 3 days with 4 men. As there were a number of different services we were providing, then the move was completed in stages.

Day 1, packing of the ground floor and export wrap of furniture.  We left upstairs as there was a lot to do, and our clients were staying in the house that evening.

We found the sofa was too large to get around a narrow corner in the hallway, so we had to dismantle it.  As the sofa was going into storage, we export wrapped the sofa base and shrink wrapped the cushions.

Living Room Before House Move - Manchester Removals & Storage

Packing a Living Room - Manchester Removals & Storage

Dismantling a Sofa - Manchester Removals & Storage

Dismantling a Sofa - Manchester Removals & Storage



Dining Room Before Packing - Manchester Removals & Storage

Dining Room Packed - Manchester Removals & StorageWrapping Furniture for Storing - Manchester Removals & Storage Dismantling and Wrapping a Table - Manchester Removals & Storage









Our client had a lovely 8 foot dining table which was too large to get out of the room – this too was going into storage, so we had to remove the table top (wrap it, and wrap the table frame too). At the end of Day 1, the lorry was loaded and all the export wrapped furniture was loaded onto the lorry, then taken back to the warehouse for long term storage in containers.

Day 2, packing the kitchen which took a long time (many people under-estimate how long it takes to pack a kitchen,

Kitchen Before Packing - Manchester Removals & StorageKitchen Packing Service - Manchester Removals & Storage

hence why our kitchen packing service is becoming more popular).  As you can see lots of boxes, 32 in all (4 hours to pack this kitchen – you can not see the pantry or store cupboards in the photo’s).

Whilst the kitchen was being packed up, the other 3 men were busy packing the upstairs of the house and dismantling beds and other furniture which would not fit down the stairs.

As the second lorry was due to arrive on day 3, we pre-packed Protecting Flooring and Doors - Manchester Removals & Storagethe vehicle at the end of the first day.  However, before we started to move furniture we made sure that we laid down protection on the flooring, protected the banister and covered the entrance door with plastic corex sheets – just in case any furniture gets knocked against the glass door.

When we move you, we don’t just look after your furniture we also look after your home”.

Day 3 arrived and all furniture was then loaded onto the removals lorry in the morning.  The lorry was then taken to the new home for unloading.  During the unloading phase, all covers and blankets were removed from the furniture.  The dismantled furniture was rebuilt – we even helped move some furniture which was already in the house putting into the other room where our client wanted it to be placed.

Once our client had unpacked the boxes we returned to collect the boxes for recycling.

Our client was extremely happy with the service and left a fantastic house removals testimonial

From start to finish the standard of this removals company was excellent. Starting with a very comprehensive assessment of what the move entailed, a clear unambiguous quotation, and a move that was flawless, faultless and stress-free. The removals team themselves were pleasant, engaging and took perfect care of all our possessions”

If you are moving from a large family home.  If you would like the assurance of a quality house move.

Please call us on 0161 238 8915.  We will look after all aspects of your move.



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