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Full Packing Service - Manchester Removals & StorageThere are a number of ways you can move house –

“The organised way or the disorganised way”

We know that when you are moving home there is so much to take care of, and not a great amount of time to complete your House Move. Generally you only have a few months to prepare for the move. You have to move what has been accumulated over years, and you only have a couple of days to move.

Where do you start in planning to move house?

As House Removals are our core business activity, we visit many customers prior to their move to discuss how they are going to move house efficiently and with minimum stress and hassle, even with a bit of fun thrown in.

Yes, it can even be fun moving house (only if you have the time for fun). Going through all the items you have collected over years, reminiscing about where you got them from and what they mean to you – however, this may take a long time for some people.

So how do you start?

With a pen and and some paper ! !

The importance of having this information is to ensure that you fully understand what is required to pack and move your current home.
Now you have this information, it’s time to speak to a House Removal Company. The reason to have this before calling the Removal Company, is so you can discuss your move in detail, and you know exactly what service you need and how much work is involved to move you.
Removal Companies like to deal with organised customers, and more often than not you will get a better deal if you are on top of the planning and preparation for your move.
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