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This to many is the most worrying part of Moving Home.  Get it Right and you have a Good Moving Experience. . .  But, get it Wrong . . .

There are literally thousands of Removals Companies in the UK.  Most have websites, or adverts in papers all depicting their business as a Quality House Removal Services provider.  As the public knows, many websites and adverts can be misleading.

So, How do you chose the right removal company for you?

When I ask customer’s what is the most important things they want from a House Removals Company the responses I get are :
  • Reliability
  • Trustworthy
  • Skilled, they are trained to handle the furniture with care and attention
  • Polite, Respectful and Helpful
  • Have the right size Vehicle and Materials for the move.
  • A competitive price for the move.

As a customer, how do you find out the above? When you speak to a Removal Company all of them will confirm with the above – many UK Removals Companies don’t tell you the 100% truth about the service they offer.

They leave you to find the reality of their service on the Move Day.

What process should you use to find a Quality Removal Company?

Speak to your friends, family, neighbours or work colleagues for any recommendations. Then arrange an appointment for the removals coordinator to visit.  Even if you have been recommended a Removal Company it is always a good idea to contact another Removals Company so you can compare the service to be offered.
To find other companies then I am of course biased on this one . . .

As Removals Specialists either telephone us to discuss your House Move or request a House Removals Quote. – we only work with Quality House Removals Companies, so we have done all the work for you.

The Appointment

The majority of the time you will meet a representative of the company (may be the owner) who will be in a suit, and driving their own vehicle.  Upon first meeting the representative, the expression “First Impressions Count” is very important.

You are to entrust a stranger with the full contents of your home, which you have aquired over years, with much sentimental attachment.  It is true that ‘People buy from People‘ not companies. .

Look out for the simplest of things –

The Quote

How long did it take for the company to get the quote to you.  Is it acceptable for the company to take 2 or 3 days to get a quote to you after taking your time for a meeting.  How interested are they in your business.

We aim to get all quotes to the customer the same day – if not, then the following day.  This shows we are keen for the business, and treat the customer with importance – this is the start of the relationship between the removal company and the customer so “start as you mean to go on” which is with efficiency.


The only way a company can truly confirm the level of service they provide is by Testimonials.  However, not all testimonials are equal.

A short “they provided an excellent service” does not take much thought from the customer – whereas:

Thank you for your help and finding us a removal company at such short notice.  It took the pressure and hassle out of moving.  The advice and information provided before the move was second to non and helped move out of our first home with ease.  Thank you

a couple of lines of meaningful thoughts is worth it’s weight in gold.

We know that the Removal Companies who work with us, provide the level of service which we expect for our customers – this has been proven with many Testimonials which you can find at our House Removals Testimonials Page

Research the company on Google

In the modern age of the Internet, customers  who are unsatisfied no longer just write to the MD to complain – they post a complaint on to the internet for the world to see – which is Great !!!  It mean’s all Removal Companies have to raise their standards – which is good for the customer.

If you Google the company name adding the following Complaints, Reviews, Testimonials.

Customer Service Statistics

Ask for Statistics – if a company says they have never had a complaint or a breakage then I would question this.  Can they provide complaint / insurance claim / damage statistics?

Our Statistics

In 3 and a half years (since June 2007)  there have only had 2 insurance claims against companies we use and a 3% complaint rate (a complaint to us is any expression of dis-satisfaction not matter how trivial) the 3% rate is way below the industry standard.

One Response

  1. Good points made. I particularily agree with the points raised about appearance and first impressions. I think people can tell if your genuinely interested in them and their move. I also believe that attention to detail and providing additional information that they may find useful can be very important.
    The obvious things like fixed address and landline numbers are essential as are recent testimonials and trade association membership. If not then at least get anything promised put in writing and check the trading terms and conditions.
    Along with trade association membership there is an industry Ombudsman which would provide the ultimate protection if the remover in question is on the scheme.
    It is worth mentioning that just because a remover has been recommended by a friend doesnt guarantee you a repeat experience, it helps but should be looked at with other factors before deciding. Its also inportant to mention that you can do all the hard work deciding which remover but will come to no avail if you pick a date that they cant do! So it is important to decide early and work closely with them they will be happy to make provisional bookings which will reduce the stress of finding a remover at short notice.
    I think if your organised and aware of the potential dangers an informed choice would be alot easier.
    A couple of final points are social media & blogs- if the company has helpful and interesting blogposts then you can assume they are knowledgeable and are interested in their customers experience. also worth looking to see if the company engages in social media, this will give you a feel of the type of people they are.
    Great post!

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