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The Importance of Completing a House Removals Inventory

House Removals Inventory - Manchester Removals & Storage

In preparing for your House Removals, it is a good idea to compile a room by room inventory listing all items of furniture which are to be moved.  There are a number of reasons for this which will benefit you during the move.

1)      It will help you organise your move, when you are walking through your house you will be able to decide what furniture is to be moved with you, and what furniture is not necessary.  As the cost of th

e House Removal is based on volume, to save money you may want to reduce the amount of furniture to be moved.

2)     All removal companies will need to know the size of your move – if you have a list of items to be moved which can be provided to the Removals Company then this will help them in preparing your Removals Quote for you.

Removals Inventory - Manchester Removals & Storage3)     It is known in the Removals Industry that some removal companies will over estimate the volume of your move to allow them to inflate the cost of your House Removal.  If you already know the size of your move then this tactic can be prevented.  What can be worse is when a Removal Company “Under Estimates” the volume to provide a lower quote, then on the day of the move charges you more.  If you know the size of your move then you are armed with information to protect yourself from these poor tactics.

4)     If you have a full inventory of items to be moved, you can tick the list of as the items are leaving your house to be loaded onto the lorry – then at your new home you can tick the items of to ensure all items have been safely moved, and nothing has gone missing or been left behind.

In making a House Removals Inventory, create an excel spreadsheet listing all rooms in your house then add each item to be moved.  Identify if any furniture needs to be dismantled.

Create Columns for Item of Furniture | Quantity | Volume

House Moving Inventory - Manchester Removals & Storage

**To calculate the volume simply multiply (length x height x width)

In addition you can make a list of all valuable items (TV, electrical equipment, computers, ornaments, etc).

Once your items have been checked off and loaded onto the Removals Lorry, ask the Removal Men to sign the sheet and keep the copy for the arrival at your new home.

During the loading phase – the Removals Men should check all furniture prior to loading to see if there is any damage / scratches / marks to the furniture.  If there is then this would be mentioned to the customer, to ensure that there is no passing of liability for any existing damage.

Movingeverywhere can provide our customers with a Self Certification Survey Form, which will allow you to list all items of furniture to be moved – which in turn will calculate an estimated size for your House Move.  Simply drop us an email to or call us on 0845 017 1626 and we will gladly email a copy to you.

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