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After installing our House Packing Service Video on our website, we have experienced an increase in the level of enquiries for our House Packing Service.

I wanted to explain how the service works and the various levels of packing Service we provide for our customers moving home.

There are many reasons to hire a removal company to provide the packing service – 

  • Too busy at work, have not got the time to pack your home
  • Pregnancy – if you are pregnant then you should not be packing and lifting boxes.
  • Physical disability – having difficulty handling items
  • Elderly – unable to pack the contents of your home
  • Do not have the inclination to pack the contents of your home.
  • Just want someone to do it for you. 

Whatever your reason, we are happy to pack your home, professionally to ensure your items are looked after during the whole house moving process. 

There are many reasons why you should take the packing service.

  • If you pack your items, then the contents of the boxes are only insured for upto £40.00.
  • If we pack your items, then the contents are insured up to a declared value, which will be offered by the insurance company
  • When a professional packer handles your items, they are handling your items with care and attention.
  • We will provide all the necessary packing materials, to ensure wrapped properly.
  • We will do all the lifting, packing taking away the headache of having to pack your home.
  • It takes approximately 4 hours to pack a 2 bed house – it could take you much longer
  • It takes approximately 7 hours to pack a 3 bed house
  • It takes a full day to pack a 4 bed house.
  • You can leave the packers, in the safe knowledge that your goods will be protected.
  • You can let the packers in, leave them to it and either go to work, or do whatever else is on your schedule. 

Packing Materials 

House Packing MaterialsWe can provide either ‘New’ or ‘Recyled’ Packing boxes.  For our local customers moving in and around Manchester we provide a ‘Loan Box’ service where you can get up to a 50% refund of the cost of the boxes when you return the boxes.  We can arrange home delivery or courier delivery of packing boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, tape and wardrobe boxes. 

Fragile Packing Service 

The packers will pack all fragile items (glassware, pictures, mirrors, crockery, ornaments) Electrical (TV, DVD, Hi-Fi, etc) and Valued items – all boxes will be marked “FRAGILE” then checked at your new home to ensure no damage has occurred prior to leaving. 

Full Packing Service 

The packers will arrive usually the day before your move to fully pack the contents of your home.  Any dismantling which is necessary will be completed for you (then rebuilt in your new home).  If they do arrive the day before, they will leave you with essential items in your home for your comfortable last night in your home (beds, sofa, TV, microwave, kettle, plates, cutlery, etc).  Then the following morning they will return to complete the packing and loading.

Fragile Unpacking Service 

Once arrived at  the new home and the lorry has been emptied then any ‘FRAGILE’ packed boxes will be emptied and all waste paper will be removed.

Owner Pack Move

This is where you do all the work yourself, leaving the men to simply arrive load and unload the vehicle.  It is very important to pack your items properly ensuring all items are boxed allowing them to be stacked in the back of the vehicle.  If the move is not properly packed then the men may insist on repacking items to ensure safe transportation – this will come at an additional charge which will be advised from the out-set.  After-all, it is the movers responsibility to move your items and deliver them in the condition received.  If they feel the items have been inadequately packed then they must be re-packed prior to loading.

So above is how your items will be packed and looked after, please visit our House Packing Service Page,  to read more information if needed, or call us on 0161 238 8915 or complete a Quote Request form by clicking on the Icon to the right.

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