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When moving home there is so much for you and your family to do. Sometimes you have plenty of time to get organised knowing months in advance about your house move. In some circumstances you only have weeks or even days.
At Movingeverywhere we have conducted hundreds of house removals and helped customers get organised in preperation of the move. Its what we do every day.
“A prepared house move is a less stressful one”
There is so much to do, and I have shown below some moving help and advice and some key tips which have helped our customers to have a less stressful move. You can get some more information from our Moving Checklist and House Moving Tips.
The 8 House Moving Tips below are ideally prepared and actioned 2 to 3 weeks before your move, I am sure there are many more tips
(please feel free to add any tips you have had onto the comments for others to read – much appreciated)

Moving Tip 1:

If you have children, arrange childcare for your moving day. Older children may well want to be involved in your house move, but it could be a long day for the younger ones. Give them, and yourself, a break.

Moving Tip 2: Make arrangements for moving your pets. Moving house can be very disruptive for pets so you may want to ask your vet for specialist advice. On moving day itself, it’s a good idea to leave them with family or friends – especially big dogs. Some big dogs don’t seem to like big removals men.

Moving Tip 3: Have a good clear out. A new home is the perfect time for a new start and there’s no point in moving your unwanted belongings with you. Organise a clear out a few weeks before your move.

Local charities will be happy to receive unwanted clothing and other items in good condition. Contact your council if there is anything bulky that you want to recycle. You could also consider a car boot sale or small ads in your local paper to help clear some clutter – or have a flutter on the modern car boot equivalent, eBay.

Moving Tip 4: Start emptying your freezer. Bet you didn’t think of that one. Moving a freezer that has not been defrosted can actually damage the freezer. Plan a ‘freezer party’ to use up frozen goods before your move.

Moving Tip 5: Order Your Boxes. If you’re doing your own packing now is the time to order (or scrounge) packing boxes. Contact us directly to arrange this for you – or to arrange a house packing service.

Moving Tip 6: Get Packing. If you are doing your own packing you’ll want to get started it can take quite a while to pack your own house, especially when you have other things to do.

Moving Tip 7: Label your boxes. When packing – write on the outside of each box what room the contents belong to, also add your surname / new house number & postcode. If packing boxes for moving overseas move then you will need to make an itemized list for each box (place the list inside the box) this will be required for customs clearance of your items.

Moving Tip 8: Fragile packing your items. If you are packing yourself, then any box which has fragile / breakable items then please mark these boxes and place to one side. When our moving team arrives they will check the contents to ensure that they are suitably packed, to ensure that when transported no breakages may occur. Please be advised that all owner packed items are not covered by goods in transit liability insurance. You will need to make your own insurance arrangements for the contents you have packed. Most Home contents have an exclusion about owner packed items, they will usually only cover your breakable and fragile items if they have been packed and certified by Professional Packers. We do offer a full packing service and fragile pack service to cover your items whilst in transit under our liability insurance.

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