Share Your House Moving Stories

moving home storiesHave you moved house recently and got some interesting or fun stories to tell?

If you have a story to tell which may be of interest to our readers then get in touch.

We have been moving customers around the UK and the world for the last 7 years and have lots of stories to tell. However it would not be right for us to add them publicly to our blog so instead we would love to find out some fun things that have happened during your house move or some strange things which have happened.

  • What valuable tips can you share about packing your house up?
  • Have there been any initial horror stories which have ended up good in the end?
  • If you have done a Do It Yourself move would you do it again?

Please note, that we will personally check every story so if any companies out there are trying to add to our blog then please don’t do it as will not get past moderation.  We can’t allow any blatant advertising, but will accept link backs to good quality blogs or websites. just drop us an email to with your story and any photos would be great too.




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