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There are many myths out there about moving house, relating to everything from how stressful it is to when you need to start packing. To help you keep a clear head when you’re thinking of relocating, here are the four main moving house myths debunked!

Myth 1 – You can hire a van and do it all yourself

Lifting Furniture - Manchester Removals & StorageWhilst you may think it sounds easy to simply hire a van and move yourself, this is not the case. How can you be sure that you’ve packed everything properly and safely in the van? Are you sure of the best way to unload your belongings? Do you have enough people with you to carry heavy furniture? Many people that hire vans to move on their own don’t ask themselves these questions. You are way better off hiring a professional moving company to move your belongings for you, so that you don’t have to think about answering these questions on the big day.  Another issue with hiring a van and enlisting your friends to help, is that it is not uncommon for your friends to cancel at last minute.  Doing a move yourself is not easy, it can be exhausting.

Myth 2 – You won’t need to buy boxes in advance

Packing Boxes - Manchester Removals & StorageYou’ll just get some boxes on the day, right? Surely someone on your street will be throwing away a bunch of cardboard moving boxes they don’t need? This is a massive myth. If you leave it until moving day to get your boxes and start packing, it won’t be your moving day any longer. You need to arrange your packaging materials and start packing well in advance of your moving day if you’re to be in any kind of shape to move. At Movingeverywhere, we can arrange packaging materials for you, so you won’t have to spend the last day in your house frantically packing up your belongings.

Myth 3 – Moving house will be the most stressful thing you ever do

Do It Yourself Removals - Manchester Removals & StorageDon’t worry – moving house doesn’t have to be stressful, and it most certainly won’t be the most stressful thing you ever do. The majority of people that make this claim are stressed out entirely through their own fault. Either they’ve taken someone’s bad advice and hired a van to move themselves, or not properly prepared for the task ahead. If you plan in advance and arrange for a professional removals company to move house for you, moving will not be a stressful experience.

Myth 4 – Our chain wants us to move on a Friday

Friday Moves - Manchester Removals & StorageThere are 7 days in a week, so why do people moving home like to move house on a Friday?  OK, you have the weekend to unpack, but more often than not this is often the worst day to move, what happens if you have the removal trucks loaded then you find out you are not completing?  The lorry either has to be unloaded or your items have to go into storage for a few days which will cost you a lot of money.  If the move was mid week, the lorry could simply return the following day for unloading with minimal disruption to your house move.  There are also issues with availability, as a popular removals company in Manchester our enquiry levels for moving house on Fridays far exceeds our vehicle resources, so we have to turn house movers away.  If only people chose to move mid-week then the house move may be much less stressful

If you need a removal company in Manchester to help you move house or offices, contact us at Movingeverywhere today to see how we can help you.

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