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n an ideal world, your new home would be perfectly spotless when you’re handed the keys.

In reality, though, there’s often some house cleaning that needs to be done when you move in. The previous owners might not have cleaned to their standards, or you may have done remodelling work since they cleaned. Even the foot traffic from house viewings can leave you with a lot of dirt and dust.

Many people wonder when they should do a deep clean of their new home – before or after the move? After the move, you have the problem of your belongings being in the way, but many people fear that they will have to do double the work if they clean before movers come in.

As a professional house removals company in Manchester, we understand that fear. However, a good mover won’t leave you with muddy footprints all over your new home. The goal of any professional mover is to reduce the work you have to do. This means taking care to bring your belongings into your home without a mess.

When deciding when to clean, it can be beneficial to clean before your belongings and furniture are moved in. This will give you easy access to all of the floor area, as well as walls that might be covered by furniture. Having an empty space can also help you see things that need cleaining that might get missed in a full house.

However, if you have a small window of time for your move, you might need to clean after your belongings are in the new house. It can be helpful to keep your cleaning supplies out of the boxes to be moved. This will make it possible to clean before you unpack the boxes, giving you less to clean around.

A fresh, clean home can make moving a much better experience for you and your family. The process is also much easier when you work with a professional and experienced Manchester house removals company. This will also help ensure that your home is as nice when your belongings are in place as it was beforehand.

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