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Best Furniture Storage Solutions.

If your new home is not ready to move into, if you are downsizing, or simply would like to declutter and store your furniture for medium to long term then we have the best storage solution for you.

When moving home there are a number of ways of storing household furniture.  As a house removals company we can arrange various options for furniture storage in different locations within the UK.

Manchester Storage Services

Our main storage locations are within Manchester, so we can provide a quality, cost effective Manchester Storage Service.  However, we can arrange storage in many locations throughout the UK.  We work alongside large removal companies who provide storage, as well as making arrangements to store household furniture in Self Storage depots in most major towns or cities.

Wooden Container Storage Services

We find the best option for furniture storage is in wooden storage containers.

Storage in Manchester | Manchester Storage - Manchester Removals & Storage

Ease of Loading into Storage Containers

Depending on vehicle availability, a container lorry would arrive outside your home where the containers will be loaded with furniture whilst on the back of the lorry.  The containers will be sealed, then taken back to the warehouse.  A fork truck will lift the containers off the lorry then stored into warehouse.

Secure Storage

Altenatively, the household furniture will be loaded onto a removals lorry, which is then taken to the warehouse loading bay.  The lorry will be emptied placing all  will be sealed then stored in the warehouse securely for the duration of the storage period.

Ease of Loading for Onward Delivery 

When you require the onward delivery of your household effects.  The containers can be loaded onto the back of the container lorry, then delivered to your house.  The containers will be opened then unloaded at kerbside, then placed in your new house in the room and position you require.

Minimise handling which is better for your furniture

With container storage the handling of your furniture is reduced compared to loading into a Self Storage depot where your items have to be unloaded from the lorry, placed on trollies, then man handled up and down corridors, in lifts then stacked in a storage room which may be on the otherside of the Self Storage depot.

Estimated cost for Storage

The cost of delivering into container storage will be less than if having to deliver into a Self Storage depot as it will be quicker to load and unload as the container will be placed at the back of the lorry.

The cost of container storage is in the region of £12.00+VAT per week.  The equivalent self storage rate would be in the region of **£15.00+VAT per week **(depending on location)

As you can see this method of storage is more convenient, resulting in less handling of your furniture which will be better in the long term as will minimise the risk of damage.

Please contact us on 0161 238 8915 for Manchester Storage Services.


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