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Furniture Storage in Manchester

Not all removal companies in Manchester offer as comprehensive range of storage options as we do. If you are moving and your new home or office is not yet ready to accept your belongings just yet, Movingeverywhere can securely store your items until it’s time to settle into your new location.

What are my storage options?

The storage options we offer split into two basic categories: either you need access to your belongings during storage or you don’t. If there’s no need to access anything before your move is finalised, we can store your possessions securely in large wooden storage containers in a secure warehouse. You may have access to the containers with 24 hours notice. (there is a small container retrieval fee)

Furniture Storage Manchester - Manchester Removals & StorageIf you’re going to need to access your items before the move completes, we can offer a more flexible solution. We’ll collect your items and put it in our short term storage rooms. You have access to your room from 8am until 6pm. We tend to offer accessible storage as a short-term option, as it is more costly than containerised storage.

If you require long term storage, but think you may need access to some of your items then we can even offer a combination of access storage and container storage.  We will find the best storage solution for you.

If you are moving out of Manchester then we can arrange some storage closer to your new destination if that’s going to be helpful for you, even if you are moving overseas.  Just give your Removals Coordinator a heads-up on this and we’ll see what we can do.

We’re one of only a small number of removal companies in Manchester who are able to offer this array of storage options, all of them designed to make things a little easier round moving time for you. For more information, speak to your Removal Co-ordinator to talk through your storage options by calling 0161 238 8915 or complete our online quote enquiry form.

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