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Furniture arrived safely from Didsbury, Manchester to Austin, Texas

Back in January we wrote about a shipment of antique furniture which we shipped to Texas.

All the furniture was export wrapped, then placed in cardboard boxes to protect them for the long journey ahead.  As you can see the shipment arrived safely – all packing materials removed and furniture inspected.

Customer very pleased – so sent us this photo to show arrived safely with a nice message attached:-

“My furniture arrived safely, and the movers unpacked and moved it all to where where I wanted. Also two Peacock butterflies flew unharmed out of the table that had been stored in my brothers garage. Thank you so much for everything”.

With overseas moves – we often only get to see the UK phase of the move – so always nice to get feedback and photos from overseas.

Dining Chair - Manchester Removals & StorageExport Wrapped - Manchester Removals & StorageReady for Shipping - Manchester Removals & StorageImg_0983 - Manchester Removals & Storage


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