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Moving house can be a seriously stressful ordeal, and our advice is to always get as much help as you possibly can to ensure moving day goes smoothly! Rope in family members, call in favours with friends, and of course, hire Movingeverywhere a  Manchester removals company!

One of the most troubling things about a move can be making sure you’ve discarded all your unwanted furniture, as well as making sure your new home is fully equipped. There are plenty of time-consuming and expensive ways to go about this, but we’re here to tell you about Freecycle [] – the cost-free way to sort out all your furniture needs.

Recycling - Manchester Removals & StorageWhat is Freecycle?

Freecycle is a network of users filtered by area who are both seeking and selling furniture and other goods. Users are split into the two categories – wanted and selling – making the site seriously easy to navigate. The concept relies on people being good-natured and giving away their stuff for free, so it can be a useful tool when you’re moving.

How can it benefit me?

The benefits of Freecycle are twofold. Firstly, you can advertise your unwanted furniture for free and local people can contact you to collect it. This not only saves you paying fees to dump large goods, but it’s also a really good deed. Secondly, it’s a great way to pick up things for your home without splashing loads of cash. The kind folk of Freecycle regularly give away beds, sofas, fridges, televisions, full dining sets, and much more! When you’re moving into a new property – for example, from furnished into unfurnished – purchasing all of these items new can be costly and bad for the environment.

Why should I try Freecycle?

What’s to lose? If your items don’t get collected, or if you don’t find anything you are looking for, you haven’t lost a thing. However, items are usually snapped up in super-quick fashion, so we’re sure your Freecycle experience will be a success.

Anything that makes moving house easier is always great, because nobody needs extra stress at what is supposed to be an exciting time. To make your move as easy as possible, contact us today to find out more about our professional house removals services in Manchester.

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