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UK House RemovalsWhen I see a House Removals Company outside a house, I often take a look at how they are loading and looking after their customers worldly possessions.

You’ll be surprised at the amount of removal companies who do not use blankets or covers to protect your furniture !!!

One of the most important questions you should ask a removal company is :

What type of covers do you use to protect my furniture?

If they do not provide covers – WARNING do not use them !!! – they are not a Professional House Removal Company.  If they do not use covers, then what condition will your

furniture arrive in?Cheap House Removals Quote See picture below of an actual cheap removal company in Manchester.

Top Left is one of the teams we use who have just finished loading a lorry, as you can see all the furniture items have been wrapped in heavy duty furniture removal transit blankets.  This will protect the furniture during furniture removals whilst in the back of the vehicle.  Whilst the vehicle is moving the furniture may move slightly in the vehicle, it is this abrasive action which will scratch furniture.  However, once wrapped with professional furniture transit blankets then scratches should not occur.

You will always pay more for a professional house removal company.  The professional company will use their expertise to load the vehicle, wrap your furniture, and secure your furniture for onward removal.

A cheaper company who do not have the correct tools for the job, may initially be cheaper – but if damage is caused then this may work out more expensive in the long run.

Movingeverywhere only use professional house removal companies, who use blankets and covers to protect the customers household effects during removals – this minimises the risk of damage during the house removal.

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