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Providing information to people moving home is important. We move people every day, most people move once every 2 to 3 years. We understand the risks associated with moving home.
We know that we won’t get every customer to use our service. It would be nice but unrealistic.
We know that many people are struggling to meet the cost of moving home – especially in times of economic downturn. Many people are forced to make their decision to find a Removals company based on cost, and cost alone.
Many people moving home can not afford to pay the cost of a professional removal company, and are lured by advert’s like ” £15.00 per hour Man & Van Service “. Now the vast majority of these companies are legitimate and, simply a man and a van who are hardworking and happy to keep busy and earn a fair days wage.
We all like to save money, but sometimes saving money can cost a lot more in the long run.
Let me explain, it’s logical that to get a good job done these days mean’s paying a good price.
Companies offering cheap removal services should be approached with caution. There is a reason why they do not charge more than £15.00 per hour. A good removal companies rate start at £40.00 per hour for their services for 2 men and a vehicle plus fuel cost and additional expenses.
Always ask “what size is your van? Will all the items fit without being overloaded? Do you provide blankets and straps to protect my furniture?”
Many cheap removal companies operate a van which on average holds approx 350 – 400 cu ft. They will often attempt to conduct larger moves and have multiple trips. Often the van is overloaded and by the time the van is at the destination, some items of furniture may have been knocked and damaged. Some items of furniture may have to be laid flat because their is not enough roof clearance, ie wardrobes, this will weaken them. As the move now involves multiple trips the length of time increases thus costing you more.
Always ask “What is your home/business address? What is your landline telephone number? Can I have a copy of your driving licence? Do you have testimonials or recommendations?”

Would you let a couple of unknown men to arrive, in maybe an un-signaged van and collect your items and then drive off without asking for ID? Or having a telephone number to ring them on, or have an address to contact them if something goes wrong. Also write down the make, model and registration number of the van. This does happen and there have been many reports to the police of customers items being stolen by removal companies.
This is most important to differentiate from a legitimate company and the unreliable, unprofessional Man & Van company. when on the phone ask them for all the above information. A genuine company will gladly provide you with this information. If they are not forthecoming then end the call and maybe contact Trading Standards so they may investigate the company, which may prevent another unsuspecting victim of moving house scams.
A known scam about the size of your move
Some companies may chose not to get a full inventory prior to the move, they have a brief discussion and agree a price for the move, this is often a low quote – to acquire the business. Once the vehicle arrives and the vehicle is loaded, then the movers will then advise the move is larger than quoted and will increase the quote for the move, which is allowable – but unprofessional. You have 2 options, the first to tell them to unload the vehicle and get another company to move you which will cost you more, or pay them the extra money to deliver your items, you can find information about these scams on the internet.
When booking your move, a good company will either visit your home for a survey, or they will ask you to complete a Self Certification Survey Formthe survey form allows the removal company to reduce the cost of paying for a surveyor to visit every customer when moving home. If a surveyor goes to every home then his wage has to be paid for by the customers who are moving, thus making the move more expensive. In today’s time of technology more customer’s are happy to book and arrange their move over the phone.

Reliability of Man & Van Service
With many people losing their jobs in the UK, there has been a small increase in the number of man & van / courier services being established. It’s easy to set up an advertise, but without experience. Moving homes it actually a very skilled service to offer.
A good removal companyhave staff who are multi-skilled to do many tasks for you when moving home. Dismantling & reassembling furniture, packing your household contents, handling heavy or large items, handling fragile and valuable items with care, good customer care, patience, professionalism, and above all honest and trustworthy.
Once you book a man & van it does not mean they will turn up. Sometimes, and it does happen, if they get a better offer on the day then it is common for them to cancel your move and do the better paid move. leaving you all ready with no one to move you. You then have to get a company to move you either the same day or the next = Expensive!!
As a Professional House Removals Broker Movingeverywhere provides different levels of service to customer dependent on their needs. We use the services of man & Van companies for small moves. What we have done to protect our customers’ is to ask the right questioins and also confirm the level of insurance they provide. If they do not provide the information then they do not work on our behalf. We check all companies prior to arranging moves, to ensure they will turn up and conduct a move to the standard that we expect for our customers.
In closing there are ways you can save money on your moves, and also to protect your items
  • Always ask for a copy of ID from the driver and take a note of the van, make, model and reg number.
  • Do a Google search for the company using terms about reviews, complaints – this will show you any if customers have been satisfied or not.
  • Get an address, check the address on different directories like or conduct a 118 search.
  • Follow your gut feeling about the company, if you are not happy with the response then DO NOT USE THEM.
  • By being totally prepared for when the movers arrive
  • by getting furniture dismantled and brought down stairs before the movers arrive – if this is arranged in advance with the mover’s the majority of companies will reduce your quote if not having to go upstairs.
If all else fails then pay a bit more for your “Peace of Mind”. We have been operating for 2 years, we have never not shown up to a move, we have never blackmailed a customer to pay more, we always have ID, we have lots of testimonials which can be found at our House Removals Testimonials Page
We know our service is reliable, professional and we will look after our customers and their items.

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