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Before you contact a House Removals Company it is best to be prepared for the telephone call either to or from the removal company. 

Before you call a Removals Company prepare for your call

As no two house moves are identical, it is usual for the removals company to telephone the enquirer to discuss their house removal in more detail. 

Due to rising survey costs, before visiting your home many professional removal companies want to provide you with an estimate over the telephone or in writing – to ensure that the quote is within your budget.  This stage prevents a visit from a removal company whose rates are too expensive against the customer’s budget.

More customers and removal companies are happy to complete the whole arrangement process without even seeing the property beforehand – this is dependent on how much information has been provided and the complexity of the house removal.

All Removal companies will ask the same questions about:

Property Type and Access it is important to identify any issues for a lorry to park outside the home you are moving from, or the new house you are moving too.  Are there any issues getting your furniture out of your current home, or into your new home?  If this is not mentioned at the enquiry stage, then you will be provided with a quote which may not reflect the true cost of your house move.   If you live in a lift, will all the furniture fit or do items need to be carried down the stairs?

Items of Furniture to Move all removal companies need to know what items are to be moved to allow them to base their quote on the correct size vehicle and number of men.  It would be great and helpful to both you and the removal company if before making enquiries you sit down and compile a list of all items in the house which are to be moved – make an excel spread sheet which can simply be emailed to the removal company for them to assess. 

Inventory Benefits when you walk around your house to compile the inventory, you can see exactly how much you have to move, this will allow you to make a decision about the packing of your items – can you do it yourself?  Or is there too much to do, which should be left to the professionals? 

By having an inventory prepared, you will not have to keep repeating yourself when you speak to the move coordinator – you can simply email to them and allow them to see exactly what you have to move.

Dismantling of furniture whilst walking around you need to consider if the furniture will get out of the house with ease, or will it have to be dismantled, or will doors have to be removed.  The movers will be able to provide a rate for a dismantling service.

Boxes try and estimate how many boxes will be used – which I know is difficult but better to provide the removal company with an estimate as opposed to “I have no idea”.  You can then discuss the cost of the packing materials with the movers.

Make the Call When you are fully prepared for the calls, then you will be able to discuss your move in more detail and more often than not if you are organised with your move, then movers will be able to provide you with a better house removals quote for your move as they now have all the details – so there will not be any surprises when the surveyor or moving team arrives to move you.


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  1. Good advice. During your move, I’d also recommend labelling your boxes with the contents and which room they should be moved to as well.

    And don’t forget to keep the tea and kettle handy!

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