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5 things to do before moving house

Moving house can some times be stressful, but it can also be enjoyable – as long as you’re prepared! We have compiled a short list of 5 key things you should probably do before moving day.

It is best to get a professional house removals company involved with your move.  It will reduce your stress, you will be thankful at the end of your move day.

1. Redirect your mail

Let’s face it, nobody wants their mail landing through somebody else’s letterbox. Whether it’s junk mail or an important bill, you need to make sure your mail is redirected to avoid any unnecessary hiccups or surprises, particularly as identity theft is at an all time high! There’s a small charge via Royal Mail, but it’s worth it to prevent your mail potentially falling in to the wrong hands.

2. Change your details

When you move, you’ll need to change basic details for things such as your bank, driving license, insurance companies and any subscriptions. Again, similar to redirecting your mail, if you don’t change your address with important companies then your details could fall in to the wrong hands. With car insurance companies, it’s important they they know where your vehicle is being kept overnight. Don’t forget your electoral roll details too!

3. Take meter readings

Make sure you take final meter readings before you move and inform your suppliers of your change in address – otherwise you may be paying for water, gas and electricity that you’re not even using!

4. Make the most of your freezer

When you move, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to take all of your frozen goods with you. To avoid losing a freezer full of food, plan meals for the final couple of weeks and thoroughly defrost the freezer.

5. Pack everything – or get someone else to do it!

It seems obvious, but packing everything tends to be the most stressful part of the day. Using the services of a removal company can speed up the process as they’ll help you pack, move, unload and will provide all of the equipment needed. Make sure you know where the kettle is during unloading though!

With these five easy tips you’ll be able to put your feet up and relax, knowing that Movingeverywhere who provide a quality removals service have got the big move covered.

We have a great house moving checklist which will help you plan and prepare for your move day.

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