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Things to do once you have found your new home

Moving Home - Manchester Removals & StorageOnce you have decided to move house and you have found your new home, there are a number of things which need to be done between the time of signing for your new home and your moving date.

Make a list

The best way to get organised is to make a list of all tasks to be done, then prioritise the list – it is a good feeling to see the tasks being crossed off once completed.  This helps manage your time and reduce your stress.

Pack your house

If you are packing up your home yourself then it is always best to start as early as possible.  This will save any last minute rush to pack your items – which if rushed my lead to damage from improperly packed items.
There is another option for the packing of your home, why pack yourself when you can use our house packing service, we will supply all packing materials, fully pack your home, we will dismantle and rebuild furniture as required.  We will take care of the whole move for you so you can take care of other aspects of your move.

Update all your personal details

There are a number of important companies which you need to update with your new home address.  These include your bank or building society, car insurance company, mobile phone provider, TV licencing, local council to update the electoral roll, your employer and any other subscriptions that you may have.  Most companies will have a ‘Moving Home’ department to call to discuss your move and transfer of services.
One often overlooked but vital company to contact is DVLA, if you do not update your address on your driving licence you could face up to a £1,000.00 fine, you will also update the V5 form with the new registered keepers address.

Set up Postal Redirection

You can visit Royal Mail to set up your redirection for up to 2 years.  Once you receive letters with your old address you can then contact the companies to provide them with your up to date information.

Contact energy provider

As you are moving home, now is the time to make sure you have the best utility suppliers for your home – it is a good idea to contact one of the many utilities switching service companies who will be able to check that you are on the best deal, after all moving house is expensive so its a good idea to check that you have the best deal.
Movingeverywhere will be offering a switching service in 2015 to ensure that our customers are getting the best deals for their gas, electricity, broadband and telephone – we will be providing ongoing services to our customers as we want to build a relationship not just for the next move but for many years into the future.

Check your insurances

There are many types of insurances available to different customers which reflect the different properties which people move into.  It is advisable to speak to a broker to ensure that you have the most suitable insurance to cover your property.  It is also a good idea to speak to your insurance company about insurance cover during the move.

TV & Broadband

It can take 2 to 3 weeks to get your broadband installed, once you have a confirmed moving in date then immediately contact the supplier to arrange installation.  If you leave it too late then they may not have an available slot to send an engineer which may cause you even more delays.
What is a great idea is to buy a USB internet dongle which will provide you with internet access until your home broadband is activated.
It is also important to update your TV licence as you could face upto a £1,000.00 fine if you do not have a licence or fail to notify them of your address.

Meter readings

Before you leave your home don’t forget to read the meters and notify your current supplier to ensure that you are no longer liable for the supply and any additional charges.

A planned move is a smooth move

With so much to do when moving house it is easy just to delay the inevitable which will cause stress to you and the family.  So make a list, stick to the list and hire a professional house removals company who will help make all the arrangements for your move – which in turn will give you a pleasant house removals experience.

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