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A Guide to Export Wrapping & Packing

If you decide to pack your own household effects when moving home within the UK or Moving Overseas, then there are a number of factors to be taken into consideration about Owner Packed Moves.

Firstly, if you are to pack your own boxes then please be aware that the insurers may impose a maximum liability per box which may be as low as £40.00.  This is due to the movers not being aware of the condition of the contents prior to handling the boxes.

Secondly, you have to pack your items securely in the boxes to ensure that they do not get damaged during the move. Whilst in a vehicle, although the boxes will be secured the vehicle will be moving up and down on roads and bumpy surfaces, and if shipping overseas then by the sea. If the contents are not packed tightly then damage may occur.

Thirdly, the weight of the boxes – if you are packing boxes you have to consider the size of the box and what the contents are going into the boxes. Each box should weigh no more than 30kgs, which is manageable by 1 man to carry.

All furniture should be packed and covered during transit to prevent damage and dirt ingress.

Brief guide on how to wrap and pack larger items


Sofas, should be in protective sofa covers, or wrapped in bubble blanket


All beds must be dismantled and all pieces wrapped. Mattresses should be in mattress bags with the bases entirely wrapped.


Furniture should be wrapped in export wrapping paper (5-ply), avoid using bubble wrap on polished or wooden surfaces as it can sweat due to climate change and condensation, water droplets form underneath and in some cases cause marks to your furniture (if covered for a period of time). Corners should be protected by using cardboard or corner protectors.


Ideally electronic equipment should be transported in its original boxes. However, if they are not available then they should be packed in strong good quality boxes with plenty of cushioning materials. You can buy special boxes for TV’s, & PC’s

Kitchen Appliances

All appliances should be clean and dry – avoid using for at least 2 days prior to the move to allow for the insides to dry out, this will prevent the appliances from smelling after a period of time if not dry. Fridges should be cleaned inside. Freezers thawed out and dried thoroughly to prevent mould growth. All items should be wrapped to prevent scratching with either export wrap or removal blankets. If items are to be stored for a period of time then place silica gel inside.


You can pack your clothes in suitcases, or buy wardrobe cartons for your hanging clothes.

China & Glassware

They should be packed in strong boxes, write ‘FRAGILE’ on each box – it is recommended not to seal the boxes and place your packed boxes to one side and ask the movers to check the boxes to ensure they have been packed properly. Firstly, crumple up lots of paper and make a base in the box. Each item should be individually wrapped in packing paper (do not wrap a whole stack together as this will cause damage) so wrap each item in paper, and pack the box out with crumpled newspaper / packing paper to ensure that there is no movement in the box. If a box is packed properly and dropped then the contents should not get damaged.


The boxes should be strong and double walled. Do not cut corners by buying cheaper single walled as they are not strong enough, and the contents are more likely going to get damaged. Use good quality PVC parcel tape which will secure the box and hold it together.


Picture boxes are available in all different sizes. If the pictures are to be stored or transported over a long distance, avoid bubble wrap as if any moisture gets in, this will cause damage to your picture, use a quality bubble blanket, or export wrap paper. If the pictures have a glass frame then mark ‘GLASS FRAGILE’

Inventory / Customs Requirements

It is important for you to know the custom’s requirements prior to packing your boxes, to ensure no restricted items are packed.

All shipments must be accompanied by an inventory; this is to ensure that the correct numbers of boxes are checked onto the vehicle and into your new home.

If Domestic UK Move – then all boxes should be numbered and an inventory of furniture should be written prior to loading, then when being unloaded should be checked off.

For all Overseas Moves, all boxes should be numbered and an inventory of furniture should be written and a copy passed to the movers. The inventory should state what the contents of each box is ‘Kitchen contents’ – no need to individually list each item in the box.

Packing Service

If all this seems too much for you then a Packing Service can be provided at an additional cost. Once professionally packed, your items will be insured for the duration of the move, up to your chosen level of cover. (Conditions apply).


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