House Removal Reviews

House Removal Reviews

The Importance of House Removal Reviews

Don’t book a house move without checking our removal reviews.

Most people use the internet to find a house removals company.  If you type ‘house removals company’ into your search bar, you will find over  17 million search results.  So how do you find out which are the Best Removal Companies to use for your house move?

Most Removal Companies if not all will have an internet presence.  Just because a removal company is listed at the top of the search results does not mean they are the best removals company or the company who is bests suited for your house move, read their Removal Reviews to understand how good the company are.

Confidence in a Removals Company is very important.  When we speek to our customers we tell them that we were a good removals company.  I was sure every other removal company says the same thing.  So how could we differentiate ourselves from the rest?

Types of House Removal Reviews

A good removal company will be proud of the testimonials they receive so they will have up to date testimonials on their website.  This was the method ‘we used to use’.  We no longer obtain our own removal reviews, we used to contact our customers at the end of each month and request a review.  With this method we received hundreds of testimonials.  However, as we had collected them ourselves, we realised this created a degree of cynicism from people reading our reviews. (All our reviews are 100%  geuine and paper copies retained).

A review is about Trust.  It is common knowledge that many companies use Fake Reviews to try and manipulate customers opinions of them which is dishonest and causes customers to ignore the hard work done by good companies in collecting reviews.

If a website does not have any testimonials on their website, then your should request to view any testimonials they have to validate the quality of service provided.  We would not recommend using a company for any type of service if they do not have any reviews.

Online Removal Reviews sites

With more internet users becoming cautious about search results, there has been a surge of online Removal Reviews sites to encourage the public to leave feedback about their house moving experience.  Some only allow positive feedback, whilst others allow all types of feedback.  The latter being the trusted method of reviewing a removals company.

Consumer Review Site

We chose to take on the services of TrustPilot who are a respected review site who contact our customers on our behalf and request a review.  All reviews are therefore validated and can not be manipulated as the company has not contacted the customer direct.

Why you should look at different reviews before choosing your removals company

Services level provided – different companies provide different levels of service,.  In this industry there are small operators all the way up to international movers – each have their own way of looking after their customers.  A review will highlight what you should expect and whether the removals company is suited to the level of service you require for your move.

Moving house for the first time or moving to a new area – it is hard to know who to trust, and which company will provide the best removals service to you.  Lets take Manchester as an example.

If you search for “best house removal company in Manchester” you will see over 24 million results.  This is your starting point.  Of that list you have to identify companies who initially look trusted, then start to research them.

Use the company name followed by ‘reviews’ or ‘testimonials’ – key those terms after the company name which should then bring up a list of reviews on the removal company, the more reviews the better the removals company.  Also search for ‘complaints’ after all you are trying to research the quality of a house removals company.

Customer satisfaction when you move house you want to be satisfied by the company who are about to move you, so have a read of what the past customers have written this will give you a great insight into how the removal company treats its customers and how you are more likely going to be treated.

Right to reply – in the days of social media, many reviews are placed by customers – not all are going to be 100%, every company gets complaints – however, it is the interaction with the unhappy customer which will show what the companies policy is about customer satisfaction.  If the company has replied very defensively or worse in a rude manner then this should raise alarm bells to leave that company alone.  If the company has replied in a manner to resolve the issue being polite and professional then this reflects positively on the customers user experience.

Company process – past customers leaving a review will often comment on the punctuality and conduct of the removals team and how they have handled their possessions – they may also comment on the service levels of the office staff and how they feel the overall moving experience has been for them.  This is key information, after all moving home is a process and not just one day.

Online Social media presence

A good removals company will have a presence on all the main social media portals.   Search for the company and see what they are all about.  Most of the time it is the business owner who manages the accounts who will post information which they feel is important to them which gives a nice insight in to the type of person and company you are about to allow into your home.

Price of the move – in this industry you get what you pay for.  You get small companies working on £20.00 per hour for 2 men or others working to £70.00+VAT per hour for 2 men.  Due to such a variance in costs of house removals it is important to get a full understanding of the company who are about to move you.

If you get it wrong then it can cost literally thousands of pounds in damages, not to mention the stress and upset it could cause. That is why by reviewing the removals company will allow you to make an informed decision will reduce the risk of you having a bad move day.

Better still contact us on 0161 238 8915, we have over over 10 years moving experience in Manchester a very low complaint rate in the industry and only 1 insurance claim over that period.

Manchester Storage and Removals Ltd is a Trusted Removals Company in Manchester who is rated ‘Excellent’ via TrustPilot.