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Moving a Fireplace

There are some things in the home that truly make it standout and we can safely say that a fireplace is certainly one of these additions.

People regularly have a very sentimental attachment to the fireplace, mostly because it’s a centre piece of the room most often used in the home. People spend time, money, effort and a lot of love on the hearth or fireplace and so many like to bring them along with them to their new home.

However, there are a number of off putting factors here – weight being one of the most notable and the fact it may add to the value of the home when the estate agent values it. However, that shouldn’t stop you bringing your beautiful, albeit heavy, fireplace to a new area. So, here are some tips we’ve used when shipping fireplaces that will ensure that it arrives safely and in mint condition at your new home.

Size Matters

One thing a lot of people need to understand is that both size and the weight matter when they’re shipping a fireplace. Because of this you should inform your removal company or whoever is bringing it of both the measurements and the weight of the furniture and the room it’s taken out of an going to. This gives them an accurate manner in which to calculate delivery costs. If you don’t have the exact figures then a guestimate is often enough to suffice.


The quality of packaging is central to success when sending a fireplace. Whether its iron, marble or otherwise, a fireplace needs care and consulting the original fireplace maker, as well as the delivery company; as well as doing online research will help unearth the best fireplace material. This should also all be dependent on the sort of delivery service you chose. For example, pallet services will require your item to be no wider than the pallet, while other shrink wrapped alternatives have their own variations.

So, no matter where you move to you can be sure that you’ll have a fireplace filled with warm dried kiln logs this winter.

The Delivery

It’s worth being aware that if you choose a pallet delivery service they provide a kerb delivery. This sort of service will not deliver to your front door and says exactly what it says on the tin. If you need to bring it in from the road or footpath you will need the right sort of man power to do so. Alternatively, choosing a proper home delivery service will see the fireplace brought into the home and placed in the correct room, resulting in minimal fuss. Our services provide this and prevent you having to struggle too much with these issues.

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