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Moving overseas?  Here are some helpful tips to make the process easier for you. . .

What type of service do you require? When moving overseas it can be a bit confusing with the different options to ship your items.  You will hear the terms: groupage, full container load, part loads, dedicated, shared, by road, by air – what do they all mean? Full Container Load - Manchester Removals & Storage

Groupage or shared load Service

This is the cheapest option for shipping overseas.  Your items will be collected from your home, then delivered into the warehouse awaiting consolidation with other customers heading to the destination port.  This is the slowest method of shipment, and will be dependent on how quickly the shipping company can coordinate shipments to the same country.  This option is best for customers with small loads or on a budget.

Dedicated or Full Container Service

If you require a more speedy overseas removals service, or have a full containers worth of furniture then this will be the best option for you.  The option would be either to have a removal lorry arrive at the house to load then deliver to container located at the port.  Alternatively, as the picture shows a container lorry will arrive at your home to be loaded by kerbside.  Once at port the container will be loaded onto the next available ship.

By Sea or by Road Shipment

depending on the size of the move and the destination.  Your goods may be transported by road or by sea.  Generally in the UK you items would be transported throughout Europe by road.  If urgent, then air shipment can be easily and quickly arranged with delivery possible within 48 hours to some destinations.

Overseas Removals Packing Service

To ensure your furniture will be protected during the whole move process it is essential to properly pack the contents of your home.  Many removal companies now insist on export wrapping furniture to ensure that they have done all they can to protect your furniture.  During many thousands of miles of travel furniture may move around in the back of the vehicle so by wrapping in heavy duty packing materials will help to minimise the risk of damage.

Overseas Removals Insurance

When moving overseas it is important to insure the contents of your house.  There are conditions which need to be met to allow the removal company to insure the whole consignment.  The main requirement is for the removals company to pack the boxes and wrap the furniture. When moving overseas, there is a lot of manual handling of your goods prior to arrival.   From the removal men loading the lorry, then loading into the container, at the arrival port the container will be taken to the destination agents warehouse, where the container would be emptied awaiting customs inspection if necessary.  Once customs cleared, the items will then be loaded onto a lorry with your new residence being the destination, where the lorry will then be unload.  So as you can see it is important to insure against any possible damage.

Plan well in advance

Inventory for House Removals - Manchester Removals & StorageAt the stage you decide to move overseas, have a look around your home and decide what furniture and effects are to be shipped overseas.  Make an inventory ! ! !  When moving overseas the move cost is based on the overall volume of goods to be shipped, so it may be cost effective to assess if it is better to leave some items to try and reduce your shipping costs.  (In some non-EU countries the taxes are charged on the total shipping costs).  So you could end up paying more to ship than the items are valued at. You need to take into account the countries customs, laws and restrictions.  We will provide you with the full customs requirements to ensure you do not breach any conditions for import of household goods.

Book your Removals Company Early

As there is a lot of planning required when moving overseas, it is important to contact an international removals company for a survey as soon as possible.  They can provide you with lots of helpful advice and provide you with the volume of the move and the best options for shipping overseas. Movingeverywhere has now been customers around the world for the last 5 years.  Our service is based on providing you with the best service possible at an affordable rate to ensure your items arrive at their destination in the condition they left your home in the UK.

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