Moving Home at Christmas

Moving Home at Christmas

Moving Home at Christmas

Many people are still Moving Home at Christmas Time.  In the run up to Christmas it is still rather popular to move house with many people trying to move house before Christmas so they can enjoy Christmas in their new home.

As a Removals Company in Manchester, we have been very busy in December and are still taking bookings up until the 23rd December.

As the month of December is a short month with many Solicitors and Removals Companies being closed between Christmas and New Year resulting in a shorter period to move house with only 3 full weeks in the month of December.

Christmas is already a stressful time for many, without the additional stress associated with moving home.  If you are moving house at Christmas time then it is important to book your move early to ensure availability.

It is important to use a Quality Removals Company to ensure they can keep your move organised and on track.  It is always a great benefit to opt for the packing service.  We can pack your house leaving you to pack your gifts.

Christmas Moving Home Checklist

So you are moving at Christmas, follow a few simple steps to ensure you have an enjoyable Christmas Time moving home.

  • Plan ahead and make a moving checklist – if you need help then read our checklist which has lots of moving help and advice.
  • Get your Christmas shopping out of the way early and get your gifts wrapped.  Keep these items to one side and advise the men not to pack the gifts or mark the boxes if they have to.
  • Choose you moving day carefully.  It is unadvisable to move on the last Friday before Christmas in-case there is an issue with completion.  If something goes wrong and you do not complete, then you may not be able to move agaiin until the New Year as the solicitors may be closed.
  • Speak to the Removals Company and check their availability and also the best suggestions for a move plan.
    • Mark you Christmas decorations and advise the men where you want them to go in your new house.  This will mean they will be readily available for you, so you can get your new home ready for season festivities straight away once you are in the house.
  • Be ready for some poor weather.  It may be wet or snowing.  It is your responsibility to ensure that pathways are cleared so the removals men do not put themselves of risk of slipping on your property.
  • As the days are shorter and gets darker earlier – may be a good idea to get some lighting outside so the removals men can see and also you can see as you dont want to have an accident by falling at your new home in the dark.
  • As the weather is now colder, on the day of the move switch your heating on but not too hot whilst the removals men are unloading (not only does it get too hot, but also you are wasting the heat as the doors will be open so not very energy efficient)).  Wait for the men to leave then turn up the heat.
  • Pack your warm clothes for the move day.  After all, there is often a lot of waiting around and spending time outdoors showing the removals men where to put items.
  • Pack the kettle last so its the last box on, the first box of.
  • Always nice to have some mince pies as the removals men love a break and a  mince pie which is good for morale on what can be a cold and wet move day.

By choosing an Excellent rated removals company your house move at Christmas time will be an enjoyable one.

From us all at Movingeverywhere we wish you a Merry Christmas and many Happy times in your new home.