12 things to do before your house removals

How to have a successful house removal

Moving House Removals

      When moving house there are many things that must be done to ensure that your house removals goes without issue.  The key to a good house is to get organised as far in advance as possible and to explain to the removals men or your helpers exactly what you want to have done during your move.

As a removals company we get to see hundreds of customers before and during the move – some are organised and there moves is a pleasant experience for both the customer and also the removal company.

Then there are the dis-organised moves, where the move has not been prepared, boxes are not packed properly – arrangements have not been made for parking – delays caused due to poor preparation.


      1. Decide whether you are going do the move yourself or if you are going to hire a professional house removals company.  You need to consider how much furniture you have got to move, what the access is like at both properties, are you fit and able but more important do you have the inclination to move yourself.  Many people will only move themselves once, then after that they hire a removal company as it is much harder to move than you may have considered.
      2. Decide on what date your house move is going to be.  This may be dictated by the size of the chain if buying and selling.  Try to avoid moving house on a Friday.  If something happens during the conveyancing and the sale does not complete on a Friday then you may incur storage costs or additional charges as the sale can not complete until the following Monday.
      3. If you are going to do the move yourself – book the hire van as early as possible, get some blankets to protect your furniture and let your helpers now as early as possible so they can make themselves available.
      4. If you are going to book a removals company then, give as much notice as possible.  Many removal companies are booked up weeks in advance – especially if you have to move on a Friday.
      5. Book a survey.  Make arrangements for your removals company to visit your home to fully assess your move, to ensure that they will be providing the right size vehicle, number of men and materials to move your home.
      6. De-clutter, now is the perfect time to decide if you need to move everything in your home.  If you have items which you never seem to touch, then get rid of it.  The more items you move the longer it will take and the more it will cost in removal fees.  If you are downsizing then consider putting any extra furniture into  storage
      7. Start packing.  If you are going to do your own packing then you will need to start this a few weeks before moving.  It is important to give yourself enough time to pack to ensure that by the moving deadline your items are ready for the move.  Any delays with your packing will delay the move – or worse, you may then start to rush your packing and not pack properly, increasing the risk of damage.  Alternatively, get the removals company to offer you their house packing service
      8. Notify your utilities that you will be moving on x date.  Ensure that on the day of the move you have taken electricity, gas and water meter readings to ensure that you get your final bill based on your readings.
      9. Speak to your neighbours the day before the move to advise them that a removal company will be arriving so will need space for the lorry which may restrict or block the access.  If the parking is in a restricted area then you will need to contact the local council to arrange for a parking suspension or parking dispensation.  A good removals company will do this for you.
      10. Any items which you do not want to go onto the vehicle need to be placed in an area of the house giving instruction not to load onto the vehicle.  Make sure you have your keys, passport (if moving overseas), and important documents, purse, wallet, phone, medication or necessity for your travel to your new home.  It is always a good idea to pack a suitcase, just in case the lorry is delayed and you need to spend the night in a hotel.
      11. On the morning of the move – dismantle any beds or large furniture.  That is if you are doing the move yourself.  If not, then the house removals company will provide this service for you.  Give clear instruction to the removals men about what will be going and make clearly any furniture which may be staying in the house.
      12. Keep the kettle out, have some refreshments at hand – moving house is hard work, it is important to drink water and eat food to keep your energy levels up. .

Moving house can be difficult, but if you prepare effectively or hire a removals company then you should be able to get through your move with mishap or injury and be moved into you new home efficiently in a stress free manner.