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Export Wrapping and Overseas Removals

We have been contracted to collect and deliver 14 items of furniture from Manchester to Austin, Texas. There were 8 chairs, a tall glass fronted welsh dresser, a vintage reel to reel player and some side units to be moved.  The items have a sentimental value as from a deceased estate.  So conscious of this we wanted to provide maximum protection for the long journey ahead.

Export Wrapping of Furniture - Manchester Removals & Storage

Firstly, we export wrapped the chairs in a heavy duty bubble blanket (on the inside there is a layer of bubble wrap, which on one side has a cover of fabric to protect the furniture from scratching then on the outside, plastic to provide a protective layer).  Once wrapped we then took some cardboard sheets and wrapped all the furniture for maximum protection for the furniture’s 4700 miles journey to Austin, Texas.

Delivery into Storage in Manchester, awaiting overseas shipping

Exporting Furniture Overseas - Manchester Removals & Storage

Once the furniture has been export wrapped, then the removals vehicle is loaded the delivered to the Storage warehouse in Manchester awaiting consolidation into shipping container destined for Philadelphia, which is the port we use for shipments to America

Should be ready for shipment in a week or two when the container is full.  The container is then loaded at port onto the ship.  Once in USA and customs cleared our destination agents will make all the onward delivery to our clients residence.  Where they will remove all the export wrap materials, leaving our customer to enjoy her furniture.

If you are moving overseas and you want to know that your furniture is going to be looked after properly, then please contact us on 0161 238 8915 or complete an enquiry form.