Moving Help - 2 weeks to go

2 weeks to go

2 weeks to go

Moving Help – 2 weeks to go

Below are some handy tips for when you are moving.Arrange for meter readings and service disconnection/connection. Contact your essential service providers and notify them of your move. You may need to arrange for water, gas and electricity readings at your present home on the day of your move. You also need to make sure that all the services at your new home are connected on the day you move in.Transfer your phone number. Have your telephone number transferred (or changed if necessary) and arrange for your final bill to be sent to your new home.

Use this as a reminder to start drawing up a list of people who will need to know your new info. Also, for a modest fee, your phone company should be able to provide a redirection message on your old number.

Get advice on aerials/satellite dishes. – It is possible that your TV/FM aerials and/or satellite dish will not be suitable in the area you are moving to. Do get specialist advice, but it is often cheaper for you to leave them behind and have new equipment installed at your new home.Arrange for your post to be redirected. Contact Royal Mail if you want to have your post redirected to your new home. They need at least five working days notice to arrange the service and you can have post redirected for between one month and two years. If you are moving overseas you may wish to set up a post office box – again Royal Mail can do this for you.Organise the disconnection and reconnection of domestic appliances. Arrange for a qualified plumber, electrician or gas fitter to disconnect your appliances (washing machine, cooker, gas fires etc) in your present home and someone to reconnect them in your new home. Do not try to do this yourself.