Moving Help - 1 day before

Moving Help – 1 day before

Below are some handy tips for when you are moving.Defrost your fridge and freezer. Empty and defrost your fridge and/or freezer. You need to make sure that they are defrosted at least 24 hours before removal – moving them while still frozen can damage them.

Do not use your washing machine or dishwasher. Please put your washing machine on spin to empty the machine of water, this will prevent water spilling out onto your carpets when the pipes are disconnected.Finish Packing. If you have not finished packing by now, then it may cause delays on your move day, which may result in additional charges by the movers, or they may have to help and charge for their help. If you have requested the packing service the movers usually arrive the day before to pack your house contents.

Leave Drawers and Trucks. You can usually leave drawers and trunks with their contents intact, provided there are no breakable items inside and that they can be removed if need be without causing any damage to the runners. Don’t completely fill large chests or trunks with heavy items such as books.Take care of any liquids or flammable materials. Liquids, oils and paints must be placed into sealed containers. Removals companies cannot transport flammable substances for you so you’ll need to make sure that any petrol mowers, paraffin fires and the like are drained before we can move them.Take Down Blinds. Unless it’s included as an extra service in your moving plan, you should take down curtains or blinds and get them ready for the removal team.Take Care of Plants.

Household plants need to be transported in containers to protect them during the move. Although we’ll do everything we can to move them safely, you may want to take tender plants with you personally as the temperature inside the vans can damage them. Please do not water them as the wet soil may spill, resulting in dirt in the back of the vehicle which may get onto your furniture.Put the keys away. Small furniture keys & window lock keys can easily go astray so leave them with the item of furniture and the removals team will secure them to each unit.

If you have keys for back gates, garages or other out buildings, make sure you collect these together in one place and that they don’t end up getting packed.Put together a ‘do not remove pile’. Start putting aside the essential things that you will not want us to remove such as coats, handbags, snacks and cleaning materials. Some small valuable items such as jewellery, watches, trinkets, money, bonds, coins and stamps are not covered by removers insurance (please ask for details). Pack these separately and take them with you.Pack a suitcase. While all our removals companies are fully insured, we still recommend that you pack a suitcase to take with you in your own vehicle, just in case there are any delays – in particular on overseas or long distance moves.

Pack things like a change of clothes, toiletries, medication, items for work, PC hard drive and any other valuable items.Keep out some toys. Make sure you leave out a few toys to keep the kids busy during the move.

Have a take away. You don’t want to be doing dishes on moving day – in fact, they might already be packed. Order a Chinese, sit back and enjoy the last night in your old home.