Planning your Move


The importance of planning your move.

There is so much to do when you are planning a house move.  From the moment you decide to move to the time you have finally put your feet up in your new home can be a long drawn out process.

There are two ways of moving home (1) wing it and hope everything goes OK, this will be both stressful due to the disoragnised process of moving and also run the risk of damage as you have not given time to properly pack and manage your move.

The more comon way to move is (2) be organised! create a move plan and stick to it.  Follow a procedure which many other home-movers have followed then when you can put your feet up knowing everything has gone smoothly and you can start your new lift without the stress associated with moving.

We love helping people move home

Helping people move is a great service, knowing we are moving people at what may be a stressful time and helping them keep on track and giving the peace of mind that their move is in safe hands.

Please read our moving checklist, hope it helps

To help you keep on track we have shown some key tasks to be done leading up to Your Move Day, have a read and hope it helps… let us know if you have any great tips we can pass on to our other home movers.

Good luck and all the best for your move



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